Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hunters Point South vote also tomorrow

The Bloomberg administration says its proposed Hunters Point South development on the East River in Queens is the city’s largest middle-income housing development since the early 1970s and an important response to high housing costs.

But church groups, housing advocates and community groups say that the plan goes too far in benefiting middle-class households at the expense of lower-income ones. Only families earning between $55,000 and $158,000 are eligible for units, and about half the households in Queens report income less than that.

On Thursday, the debate will come to a head when the City Council votes on the 30-acre development in Long Island City.

Disputed Queens Housing Faces a Vote This Week


miles mullin said...

Everyone knows that the city has no commitment to afordable houseing after Mitchel Lama, Stuy Town, the the erosion of rent control.

Stop bullshitting us!

This is merely an excuse to shoehorn more people along transit corridors and they are making this 'affordable' because the land is toxic and rich people would never live there.

Also, this is a FEMA flood zone, something the city council or newspapers fail to report.

Anonymous said...

Funny how none of the groups that are pushing for housing actually live in Hunters Pt.

It is a tribute to the voicelessness of the community (by its elected officials, media, and fellow preservationists) that all this is going on in plain sight without any input from the community.

They are invisible!

right across from the UN!

Anonymous said...

This should be a park!

Anonymous said...


SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!