Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SRO illegally turned into hotel for tourists

The Broadway Hotel on Broadway and West 101 St. Street in Manhattan is filled with tourists -- as long as they're not from New York. Fox 5's John Deutzman went to investigate.

New York City has had an ongoing problem with illegal hotels. Part of the problem is the small fines that violators face. Companies that break the law only face fines of $800 --regardless of the number of units being illegally converted, the length of time the illegal use has happened for, or whether it is a repeat offense.

Read more here: Illegal Hotels In New York City


Anonymous said...

If the City wishes to go after the illegal Hotels thaen I have a perfect solution. Please come down my block - rows of brick homes designed for 1 family. In most of these homes today they were bought by folks who pack them with their relatives whom are visiting - very long term. Hence - illegal Hotel - get it Bloomy? If you went after this ilegal kind, we would have less crime, less garbage, less social services to spend on and gains on collecting fines - how about it Bloomy?

Wade Nichols said...

Stories like these are disasters in the making. The usual suspects will say things like: "I don't see anything wrong with this hotel, leave them alone, they're simply providing a service, and providing jobs. This type of hotel is the type that Americans don't want to provide any more."

But then, God forbid, something like a fire happens, and scores of people die in the hotel due to faulty fire extinguishers, or inadequate fire escapes, the same usual suspects will say: "Why didn't the city close this place down! They knew all along this was an illegal hotel, yet they did NOTHING! The City has blood on it's hands!"

Either way, you can't win.

Illegal hotels? - there's an analogy to another sort of illegal activity, I can't quite remember what that other illegal thing is right now?

Who needs laws anyways? Our country is slowly becoming a mediocre banana republic anyways.

georgetheatheist said...

Let's start a betting pool to see how long it takes for someone to slug Deutzman. He's doing a yeoman job but a little "in your face", no?

Anonymous said...

maybe it's time to check out some of those "hotels" in Chinatown north of Canal St. along the Bowery!

Better yet...check out Flushing!

Eh...C.M. Liu? !!!