Thursday, November 13, 2008

AM-NY visits Flushing

Flushing is a neighborhood of stark contrasts. From sprawling green lawns in suburban north Flushing to the grit and activity of Chinatown, Flushing has it all.

City Living: Flushing


Wade Nichols said...

Let's see, did the writer get in all the requisite clich├ęs?

Diversity = Check!

Tolerance = Check!

Pandering to the "Foodie" Crowd = Check!

Mention of Archie Bunker = Surprisingly, NO! No wonder the writer works for a free paper! If he was good enough to write for the NY Times, he would have got all the buzz words in!

I think I'm going to start reading Penthouse Letters. If I have to read another boiler plate neighborhood profile article, I'm going to throw up.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's talked about the various "exotic scents" wafting up from the sewers off Main Street
(or the "aromas" of the Flushing River at low tide).

Then there are the colorful
"CD/DVD" video street hawkers; various pamphleteers; carts wheeling unsanitary goods... hellbent on running headlong into pedestrians; new arrivals expelling (diseased?)sputum on the sidewalks
(which is SOP in China).

The list could go on for at least a thousand words.

H-m-m-m....I wonder why
there was also no mention of the illegal gambling, Asian gang extortion activities, human trafficking,
whore houses (yawn) etc.

Of course the usual "bustling" description was used regarding downtown Flushing along with
"worn around the edges" in the 1970s (a newly found substitute by Mr. Finkelpearl for the erroneous terminology of "blighted").

what happened to the formerly abundant rat population that
skulks around at night?

I advise all to watch which restaurants you intend to patronize!

Ask C.M. Liu for a guide to the ones most recently closed by the NYC Health Dept.

Ooops....I forgot the more recent occurrences of of fire (arson?)
perhaps a return to the
"good old" Tommy Huang era of the early 1980s.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if that laughable
Queens Museum gets a reduction in funding during NYC's financial meltdown.

QBG and all of the borough's other "great" not for profit institutions will soon, no doubt, be feeling "the bite".

And let's face it...
tourist stay in Manhattan!

What the hell does Queens have to offer them that's better than
such grand attractions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, South Street Seaport, etc.
Ms. Terri Osborne?

And just what salaries are the executive directors of Queens' cultural institutions receiving
these days....about $90,000
annually apiece?

May I suggest a pay cut for them too in keeping with belt tightening during these troubled times.

slick said...

am ny is actually a news day entity, which is a cable vision entity.

Sorry I hate flushing, the food is mediocre at best. too many people, dirty, smells, traffic.

Nothing is great in that neighborhood.

italian girl said...

Slick it depends on what part of Flushing you're talking about. Much of North Flushing is really nice and Broadway-Flushing is gorgeous. It's sad when people think of "Flushing", they think of filty downtown Flushing.

Anonymous said...

lipstick on a pig.

miles mullin said...

If I have to read another boiler plate neighborhood profile article, I'm going to throw up.

Ah Wade, you get used to it. What is needed is a good spinmiester to counter all this drival.

Any suggestions?

artful dodger said...

I think I'm going to start reading Penthouse Letters.

Yo Wade,

Ridgewoodian is avail. No hurricane im sure, but a little summer squall.

We can't send a boy to do a mans job now can we?

Anonymous said...

Northern or southern Flushing it makes no difference.

They all elected the people that did this to their community so yeah, make it all of Flushing.

georgetheatheist said...

My favorite Flushing dish is

Sweet and Sour Rat with Hot and Spicy Phlegm Sauce.

Anonymous said...

I love it George!

On holidays like Lunar New Year,
you'd better keep an eye on where your family cat wanders off to.

Those gourmet chefs have at least a hundred ways of preparing them.

I understand they're considered a "delicacy" in certain areas of the far east.

Sliced and diced up into bits
with a hot ginger'd never know.

That's why I stick to veggie dishes
in Asian restaurants.

I don't want to wake up "meowing" or suddenly developing a rat's appetite for cheese one morning.

Anonymous said...

"Italian girl"...
try using Broadway or Broadway/north 11358 as I now do,
when you return address your mail.

I stopped using Flushing ten years ago so as not to be confused with that putrid downtown shit hole!

italian girl said...

"try using Broadway or Broadway/north 11358 as I now do,
when you return address your mail."

Really? I would except my zip is 11357. I wonder why we can't use Queens, NY like they do in the other boroughs.

sick of your shit said...

Can you people be any more ignorant! I have eaten plenty of times in Flushing and haven't gotten sick.
And if you spew ignorance, please be ready to have it given back to you Italian girl. Are you in the mafia?