Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fewer jobs = less traffic & money

The number of drivers using MTA bridges and tunnels has fallen for 12 straight months, another troubling threat to the agency's bottom line, officials said Wednesday.

The latest statistics show drivers took 25 million trips over bridges and through tunnels last month, down 1.3 million - or 4.8% - from October 2007.

Much of the 12-month slide can be attributed to high gas prices. But last month's downturn may be the result of commuters no longer having jobs to go to in Manhattan, officials said. Traffic at the MTA's four Manhattan crossings was down on average about 7% from September to October, even though gas prices had fallen...

Incredible shrinking demand for MTA bridges and tunnels


Anonymous said...

Could also be people USING Mass transit instead of driving due to high fuel costs.

Anonymous said...

Manhattan will be starving
for business!

That's what happens when the "golden isle" keeps pissing on us!

And that's great for Bloomberg's bloated ego...trim it down
so it can fit his hat size!

After I informed my neighbor that they're going to put tolls on the outer borough's free bridges he said,

"Then I'm going to do all of my shopping, when possible, in Brooklyn and Queens where it's more convenient anyway"!

Anonymous said...

I guess the recession is the only way to cure NYC's growth problem.

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that less traffic is a bad thing?

I say eliminate tolls and simply add the cost to one's auto registration.