Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Woodside dog runs suck

From the NY Times:

THE dog run at 56th Street and Woodside Avenue in Woodside, Queens, is, frankly, a disgrace to dog runs everywhere. Tucked away behind Public School 11 in an elevated corner of Doughboy Plaza, it’s less a dog run than a small, squarish pit of dust.

The site boasts the boilerplate sign — “Rules of the Run” — which indicates an official New York dog run. But other than some shade on hot, sunny days and an overstuffed garbage can that appears to be emptied every week or so, the run has very little going for it.

The ground is covered with dirt from which odd pieces of concrete and metal mysteriously protrude here and there. There is no hose or water supply, only a baby-blue plastic bowl that can be filled at a water fountain about 40 yards away. Given the nature of the terrain, the many gates to be opened and the trickle produced by the fountain, filling the bowl is neither easy nor pleasant.

Under the Parks Department's policy, dog owner groups are responsible for raising funds and providing maintenance for dog runs. Why does the Parks Department build things it has no intention of controlling? Why do groups push for these things if they can't maintain them? Sherry Park is also mentioned in this article. Here it is. When I took the photo, the ground was strewn with broken glass. Who would let their dog run around here?


Anonymous said...

But it is Queens and with all the money going to tweeder programs second rate is good enough for clueless THEM.

Miles Mullin said...

If the people of Queens are treated like dogs, does it matter if their dogs are treated like, well, dogs?

Monica McLaughlin said...

I like Sherry Park Dog Run. It has a lot of character--beautiful trees and tables--lots of benches. And I love the paved surface. Clean dogs!