Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When one stop-work order just isn't enough

I love revisiting construction sites with known problems to see what's going on there now. Back in April, QC visited this construction site on 58th Avenue in Maspeth and found "alterations" that looked a lot like 2 new buildings where there used to be one.

As you can see, progress has been made since then. However, it's now been halted.
And not by one stop work order, but three! One is for being too tall, another for a defective fence, and the last for failing to protect adjacent property. Way to go! And how about the fact that back in April, I caught them violating the December order which is still in effect today?

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Miles Mullin said...

Its like everything else when a developer is involved, from the communtiy board oversight, to the city agencies that are supposed to monitor them.

All a dog and pony show designed to wear down the community.

Again, no city wide advocacy group to bang the drum again and again about this travesty.