Saturday, April 19, 2008

DOB incompetence in action

See these houses? They look like they are new, right?
Well, according to a permit applied for with the Department of Buildings, the one on the left is an alteration. How does the DOB issue an alteration permit AFTER subdivision and demo permits but before a new building permit?

I like the impressive list of violations this property has racked up over the past couple of years, too. My favorite: FAILURE TO MAINTAIN BLDG DEFECT NOTED AT CELLAR LEVEL BROKEN WATER PIPING CAUSING MASSIVE FLOODING OF STRUCTURE WATER IS POURING THROUGH FOUNDATION WALLS AT SIDE AND REAR OF BLDG CAUSING UNDERMINING OF BLDG. Any of the fines paid? No. Only the little people pay fines.

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Anonymous said...

Well this comes as no surprise.