Sunday, March 16, 2008

Woodside's Sherry Park

This is a public park in Woodside. This is the best that the city can do? No, definitely not. But when you live in a tweeded neighborhood, this is the most you can expect. At least the bum seems to be enjoying it. Doesn't look like anyone else is.


Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder if Green$hores can do anything - naw, they are all sound and fury not for an existing neighborhood, but for a future neighborhood of yuppie highrise along the waterfront.

Get lot$ of attention, though.

Meanwhile, the rest of parks in western Queens go to hell. Yet another example of the hollowing out of western Queens by the clubhouse.

ken said...

wonder how the park got its name? Maybe winos congregate there and drink sherry?

georgetheatheist said...

What a stupid place to have a park - next to the BQE! I love breathing exhaust fumes and listening to automotive racket!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry everyone, I'm sure commishitter Adrian Benepe has some cancer causing turf and some fresh concrete planned for this park.

Anonymous said...

"at least the bum is enjoying it, doesnt seem like anyone else is"

Um....try going back to the park in the spring or summer, I am pretty sure you will see more people there. Last time I checked, parents dont want to be in the park with their kids in 30 degree weather.

"What a stupid place to have a park - next to the BQE! I love breathing exhaust fumes and listening to automotive racket!"

Actually, what a great place for a park....what else should go there? HOUSING??? then everyone would be complaining that there isnt enough park land and the neighborhood is overcrowded.

George said...

Huh? Why do the people in queens have to wait until spring or summer - just so they can run around an open space of concrete?

I was over in prospect park the other day and it was crawling with kids- Because there were things there to swing on, hang from, PLAY ON.

Get it? Nice park = Nice people. Shitty park = homeless people.

Anonymous said...

Well the Russians in Brooklyn arent bothered by the cold to be out in the parks. Maybe the people in this neighborhood dont like playing when its cold.

If you hate the park so much, convince the city to sell it to a developer so they can put some needed housing next to the highway. I think that would be a better solution anyway... take away what little open space is there (even if its not green) and put up 30 units of housing. Still no greenery and maybe if we're all lucky the developer will pave over the entire fron to make room for parking.