Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trashing NYC's founders

It's historic St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery.
Here's an old church bell in the courtyard...scrap metal thieves haven't figured out how to pilfer this one - yet.
Some lovely stained glass windows are on display.
Peter Stuyvesant is buried in a vault here, and from what we've read, he was a real bastard.
There are many graves in this churchyard, which has been bricked.

But what crime did this other poor guy commit to warrant the trashbag treatment?


Anonymous said...

oh c'mon, the trash bags were only there briefly, the courtyard is cleaned and supervised constantly.

Wade Nichols said...

That place is only a "church" in name, according to a colleague of mine in his 60's, and I believe he's also a "former Episcopalian", due to that once great church's drift into irrelevance.

He says that place is basically a front for various extreme left political activities - the usual anti-war, 9/11 conspiracy theories, anti-Bush, anti-Capitalism, anti-everything!

They basically use the church premises for their political activities, and then on Sundays they "roll out the card table and decide to say a few words about God", according to my colleague!

See here for an article on "Reverend" Frank Morales:

A complete disgrace how they regard Peter Stuyvesant's grave!

Anonymous said...

that Rev Billy is a big joke too.

Ridgewoodian said...


A Christian church that's against this stupid war! What's scandalous is that's scandalous.