Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Examining the media's tweeding role

“Someone intentionally designed this scheme. It was no mistake.” - Norman Siegel

Siegel was talking about U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia’s investigation of the City Council’s appropriations of member item discretionary funds to fake non existing non profits. Unrelated to Garcia’s investigation Siegel brilliantly filed a tax payers lawsuit against the council’s member item system that was designed to get at the truth of Tammany corruption over 150 years ago.

The Failure of the Press to Investigate, Inform and Connect the Dots

Let’s now look at how this developing story has been reported or not reported in the local media and what kind of job the reports did in informing the public what is really going on.

Uh oh. This guy obviously hasn't read the NYC political reporter's handbook. You should never feel compelled to do this because the press is no one's lapdog.


Anonymous said...

Great reporting I like to see more examining stories about the media. The news media is no longer proforming it role of informing the public. Go Queens Crap Go

Anonymous said...

Consider the source-Gary Tilzer, campaign consultant just like Parkside.

Anonymous said...

I never agree with Norman Siegel but he is dead on about corruption in the City Council. Lets hope the U.S. Attorney arrests all 52 members of the council

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is important news. Let me see if the Queens weeklies cover this:

Genaris Touts Development As He Slams Con Ed (no), Pictures From Latest Vallone Pistilli Barbecue (no), Shulman Calls Press Conference Says Boro Needs Development to Survive(no), Team Gioia on Hunger Binge (no), ExChronicle Reporter Now Mayor Spokeswoman Manley Calls Silvercup 40 Foot Waterfont 'Public Access' (no), Queens Civic Congress Honors Politicans (no), Crowley Calls for More Tweeder Programs (no), Millions Spent on Bike Lanes (no)

.... well, lets face it. The weeklies in Queens report what is important to the people of Queens.


Anonymous said...

The press of the lapdogs of the elected officials, developers and the rich all they want to do is keep their stinking jobs.

As the newspapers lose readership and advertising to the internet they are firing more and more of their reports. Newspaper owners love developers and their cheerleader Bloomberg who are pushing the middle class and working poor out of the city

Anonymous said...

The only news the New York Times breaks now a days is someone climbing their new headquarters.

A third nuts tried again this morning.

Julie said...

I laughed out loud when I read #4's comments. IT'S SO DAMN TRUE.

Anonymous said...

the press has stop doing it job to inform that why people stop buying the papers.

Even when they give them away for free in midtown most people refuse a copy.

Anonymous said...

What is the matter will all of you the NY Post and Daily News have too much important news to cover to be bothered with cooruption.

Today's New York Post
The Both Need to See A Shrink - Brinkley - Front Page

Britney Sis: My Tot Joy - teen baby - Page 3

Stripper bares her support for Cynthia A-Rod wife Page 6

A-Rod fights for Kids page 7

Rube rage at ruse by Gay Borat, page 8

Brinkley Divorce page 14 and 15

Page 16 Cindy Adams

Shoe tatrum made youtube tricia give hubby the boot Page 19

Speed text champ defends 50G title page 21'

Ellot Gal Hooking a TV Deal Page 23

Anonymous said...

George Marlin former executive director of the Port Authority wrote in today's Post that Garcia should empanel a grand jury to probe corrupt at ground zero.

Should like US Attorney is the only real prosecutor in this town

Anonymous said...

Norman Siegal has always fought for you - too bad you don't realize it. Or, is it noone you know tells you to vote for him. He the type of human being you need in Government