Thursday, July 10, 2008

Illegals upset about border checks

The Border Patrol has beefed up its efforts, which include train and bus checks, through a post-9/11 infusion of antiterrorism funding. Agency officials said they do not know how many immigrants it has detained through the patrols, but considers the policy a vital enforcement tool.

The Border Patrol also denied accounts of profiling. An official said the agency is following a federal law that allows agents to make warrantless stops within a reasonable distance from the country's borders, about 100 miles. The practice helps to catch criminals, contraband and people crossing the Canadian border illegally. It also allows agents to arrest undocumented immigrants traveling from state to state, authorities said.

Bus, train passengers: Border Patrol racial profiling at times

So illegals are crossing our borders and are surprised at being stopped?

My favorite line:

"I'm not committing any crimes and I'm paying my taxes," said the man who asked not to be identified. "I dreamed of one day getting my papers."

1) You committed a crime by crossing illegally.
2) You work here illegally and are not paying the same taxes as a citizen but are utilizing our services.
3) When you get your papers, you're welcome to come back.


Anonymous said...

Stomp 'em at the border
and clap 'em in irons!

Entering without papers

Wade Nichols said...

I agree, these border checks on trains and buses are patently racist, and must be stopped immediately!

In fact, I think TSA should be disbanded also, and all checks at airports stopped as well! Why should anyone worry about our undocumented guest workers?

Anonymous said...

we should tell mexico for every illegal person that comes to the us that we the american taxpayers have to pick up there tab for health care , schooling, and teh other benefits they gey by crossing our borders illegaly they have to give the us 1 barrel of oil per day. mexico does not help or support there own people why should i and others have to work 2 jobs just to get by. search every person that crosses the border does not bother me at all.

Taxpayer said...

Naturally, Illegals get upset about border searches.

Criminals are always upset when the police are on their trail.

In the meantime, I've got to go to the store to buy some give-a-shit about their "upset".

Anonymous said...

These Illegels are #1 for DWI, Traffic accidents, harassing females. They are sending no fault insurence skyrocketing.

When arrested INS refuses to pick them up so the judges give them a court date and set them free.
They then fee to another state.

Mexico is doing the same thing Castro did in the 60's (sending us his criminals)

mario andretti said...

"These Illegels are #1 for DWI, Traffic accidents, harassing females. They are sending no fault insurence skyrocketing."

Actually, according to City statistics, at the same time these "illegals" were storming our shores, the #s of traffic crashes and pedestrians deaths has dropped to all time lows.

Anonymous said...

Mistake #1: Trusting city statistics.