Saturday, July 19, 2008

Queens wins the ice cream game

Working class Queens: 90-year old ice cream institution.

Hoidy-toidy Brooklyn Heights: hipster ice cream and credit card fraud.

Photo by ElissaSCA on Flickr.


Julie said...

I love that place. Where else can you still get an egg cream for Pete's sake?

Anonymous said...

"He has certainly made an effort to be part of the community, and be supportive of causes," said Brooklyn Heights Association executive director Judy Stanton. "I am really surprised."

Judy Stanton loves only one thing MONEY. I used to live in Bklyn Hts and was constantly in the midst of construction much of it illegal with no help from Ms Stanton at all. She is the toady of the real estate interests and I'm sure she loved this creep to the end. She just hates and looks down her nose at nasty dirty RENTERS.