Saturday, July 19, 2008

Laugh-out-loud architecture

From Miss Heather:

...the tenant of the first floor will not even need to own a vacuum cleaner. He or she can simply reach out the window, pop in a few quarters and viola clean apartment!

Location, location, location!

Can't wait to hear Frank Lloyd Crap's take on this beauty.

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Frank Lloyd Crap said...

I like to deliver high end features at an affordable price. Central vacuum systems are expense, but building right next to this fine coin op vac saves the buyer thousands in the end. This complex, Gasoline Gardens, will have many such bargin amenities. There will be big blue garbage cans right under every window for convenient sanitation service.
Tenants can borrow the squeege to clean their apartment windows. When the showers stop working, we provide coupons for the car wash.
Best of all, to further cut costs I'm using the illegals who work at the gas station as my construction crew.

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