Friday, July 18, 2008

Illiterate Flushing broker threatens Bushwick blogger

BushwickBK posted something that got a broker pissed. So she started harrassing him.

Janet Corona doesn't need your money

Reminds me of an e-mail I got on October 11, 2007 which said, among other things:

If my name is not removed by tomorrow from the blog, I will file a lawsuit against you for defamation of character. I have already started the process with family members who are attorney's so its no cost on me. We have to connections to contact yahoo and get all your personal information and IP address to serve such papers.

Why? Because I excerpted something from a mass e-mail he sent out on behalf of his company. How this was defamatory I don't know, since those were his words, not mine. Am still waiting for the process server...


Anonymous said...

Goes bak to you country my frend.

This is why the American real estate/mortgage industry is in the toilet.

Janet should try dancing on a pole at the local latino bar.

Anonymous said...

Yo Janet 'Corona'

You hot!

Billy 'Bayside'

Anonymous said...

After seeing Lafayette's replacement, and characters like Jennifer MANley and Mighty John Young running about representing the city, I am not surprised that the real estate industry has people like Miss Corona (which sounds like a float on Puerto Rico Day Parade) who would be of the second (or third or fourth) rank, too.

Take heart lads! If this is the best they can throw at us these days, their ranks are thin indeed.

Their house of cards is about to fall apart.

Anonymous said...

Miss Corona (which sounds like a float on Puerto Rico Day Parade)


Good God, this blog is funnier than the Queens Legislative Review.

Well ... so is the outgoing tide in Flushing Creek for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Janet will be out of a job soon.

Her real estate "empire"
will soon be flushed out of the big pipe into Bowery Bay.

The sub prime collapse is in full swing.

If "her talent lies between her thighs" (as comedian W.C. Fields
once said) then she's still got some possibilities
of keeping her head above water!

Doin' the Latina Limbo dance!

Anonymous said...

Watch out, this "lady" might be servicing MS#13 and put them on your ass! (H-m-m-m, I'm really shaking in my shoes...heh, heh, heh).

What a bimbo! Or is it bimba?

Anonymous said...

I continue to wonder how Prudential Douglas Elliman rationalizes hiring people who can't speak or write English.They've gone from clueless Israelis to rude sneering French brokers and now we have Ms. Corona who seems to have been educated at a public school in Bed-Stuy.No wonder she's a virtual agent with no profile up yet or any sales under her belt.

Anonymous said...

She needs to proofread if she's going to write an angry letter. Stripper lady needs to learn English.

Anonymous said...

PDE has a "dashboard" function that tells brokers how many hits their exclusives have gotten. Hers must've been off the map.