Saturday, July 19, 2008

The last glass for the masses

EC4 will have a rooftop pool, sloping grass amphitheatre, tennis courts, cabanas, and best of all, it's own beach! So long as you join the "East Coast Club" residents of all 4 buildings will be able to enjoy the amenities. With the 20,000 sf gourmet supermarket and Duane Reade opening in the next month or so, there will be very little reason to leave the complex.

First Pictures And Video Of East Coast 4, LIC

This is the best news I've heard about the LIC waterfront building frenzy yet. The pod-people will be self-contained, just like in the biosphere. The rest of Queens thanks East Coast for keeping them fully occupied on site. (I bet this rooftop grass will also be fake.)


Anonymous said...

dont worry crapper ,when we take our cash out of our pockets to dine, we eitherstay local orhead west. we all know that archiebunker land is off limits to anyone under the age of 60... we get it, we are rich, not dense

Queens Crapper said...

I never mentioned anything about age, so what are you trying to say? And you folks are exactly the type who use the rest of Queens as a culinary safari. "oooh I went to Jackson Heights today for Indian food!"

Anonymous said...

your age bias is obvious, you need not say anything

as for what we are trying to say

“Little Mark the Spark from Juniper Park” and “Brian the Abductor.”

if that is your idea of good living, i will keep my children in lic and points west, thank you very much

Julie said...

As you can see by the newspaper article and the post here, in Middle Village that kind of thing is frowned upon. In LIC, gangs of yuppies roving through the street puking between PS1 and Water Taxi Beach is considered cute and is blogged about like it's a great thing.

Anonymous said...

Residents are urged to be alert while walking the streets of Glendale and Maspeth after a rash of street robberies police believe are connected.

The pattern began in the early morning hours of last Tuesday, when a 20-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint while parking his car on 72nd Street and Central Avenue, according to the 104th Precinct. Two Hispanic men pointed a gun in his face and demanded money, but fled from the scene before taking the cash, said police. The victim told police the men drove away in a white car.

A few hours later, at 4:30 a.m., four Hispanic men approached a man at the ATM in the Washington Mutual Bank on Grand Avenue and flashed a handgun before taking his wallet and cash, said police. They fled the scene in a white car, possibly a Toyota Corolla, the victim reported.

At 11:25 p.m. that night, a 16-year-old boy was approached by four Hispanic men at 80th Street and 78th Road. One suspect pulled out the handgun while another grabbed the teen by the neck and removed his gold chain and iPod. Two of the men were wearing hoods and the other two bandanas. The suspects in that robbery also fled the scene in a white car, according to police.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call the precinct or 800-777-TIPS.

Anonymous said...

You think incidents like this don't go on in your precinct? Wait til there are even more yuppies and even less cops. The Queensbridge Houses are gonna have a field day.

East Coaster said...

I am planning to live at this new development. Why? I came from Vermont, state with little crime compared to NYC. I figured it had to do with the lack of dark skinned people there. So as you can imagine, the horror stories I read about life here, and in the outer boroughs especially, gave me pause. But with EC4, I can live in peace in the middle of NYC and not have to interact with the riff raff. And damn it, I can write back home about how great living here is.

Queens West said...

"What is the safety of the neighborhood in Queens West and Long Island City?

In general, the Queens West / Long Island City area is very safe. The police station on 50th avenue is in the center of it all, they patrol a lot and neighbors keep a watch on things.

That being said, it is still New York City and crime does exist. There are muggings and robberies, homeless people and attacks. It just happens and is part of living in a major city so while the area might have a small town feel, looks can be deceptive.

Always be alert and aware of people around you or things going on. Don't put yourself in a position of danger and when it comes to late night travel, a taxi is pretty cheap."

Queens Crapper said...

The incidents written about in that article you posted are believed to be CONNECTED, which means they are being perpetrated by the same four people. Thank you for posting it as a reason for living in Queens West, though. Hispanic people may carry guns, so it's better to stay safe in your own little world than to experience real NYC living. I get it now. And you call ME Archie Bunker.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy luxury living, snobs!

July 21, 2008

Burglars are movin' on up - but not just to the East Side.

The city's latest crime statistics show skyrocketing increases - some higher than 25 percent - in some of the wealthiest neighborhoods.

Greenwich Village and the Upper East and West sides are among the neighborhoods hardest hit, bucking what city officials said is an overall drop of 8.9 percent citywide.

In the 17th Precinct - which includes Sutton Place, Beekman Place, Kipps Bay, Turtle Bay and Murray Hill - burglaries are up 20.2 percent over the last year.

There have been 95 burglaries in that precinct so far this year, compared with 79 through July last year.

In the 10th Precinct in Chelsea, there have been 62 burglaries so far this year, 10 more than last year, for a 19.2 percent increase.

On the Upper West Side, burglars have struck 71 times so far this year, a 24.5 percent increase over last year through July, when 57 burglaries were reported.

The Upper East Side's 19th Precinct has seen a 26.9 percent increase in burglaries, with 212 so far this year, compared with 167 last year at the same time.

But Nicole Delia, 25, a mother of two on First Avenue at East 93rd Street, said burglaries are the least of her worries.

"There's a lot of crime, especially drug activity, a lot of drug dealers," Delia said. "In the last year, it has gotten worse."

Community leaders are keeping their eyes peeled in Greenwich Village, where burglaries in the Sixth Precinct have increased 26.2 percent.

There have been 130 burglaries so far this year, 27 more than last year at this time.

"We've heard from community residents who are concerned that resources are being directed out of the neighborhood," said Community Board 2 Chairman Brad Hoylman.

"This is not just anecdotal evidence," Hoylman said.

"There's an upswing in crime and we need to organize ourselves."

The NYPD had no immediate comment.

Anonymous said...

We have doormen and conciege desks screening guests. No one gets in without and invitation. Good luck with those burglaries in Archie Bunker land.

Truman Harris said...

You think these folks in Manhattan don't have what you have? HA HA HA HA. Also, you don't plan to ever step outside your little enclave?

Anonymous said...

We have doormen and conciege desks screening guests.


You have a lot to learn sonny...

Anonymous said...

It seems that prospective Queens West types have discoverd this blog and are chatting away.


Its better to know about what they are getting involved in now before they plunk down all that money.

The absentee investor will destroy Queens West, you will see.