Thursday, July 10, 2008

Proof of the "one-party county"

Councilwoman Melinda Katz' has lost her communications director, James McClelland, who departed her employ to accept a job as chief of staff for the Council's newest member: Anthony Como.

That's a pretty big switch. Although both lawmakers represent Queens, she's a Democrat and he's a Republican.

From Katz To Como, And Back To The GOP Fold


Taxpayer said...

McClelland, as it turns out, is a registered Democrat. But that's more a factor of his now-former job than ideology.

"In my heart I'm a Republican, on paper I'm a Democrat," he said. "I was a lifelong Republican, but I switched for (Katz). Now I'll probably switch back, but that's no reflection on the Councilwoman."

Clearly, McClelland views party affiliation as a matter of simple practicality to get a job.

Keep this explanation in mind when Como makes his appeal to party loyalty in the upcoming election. He wants voters to fall for that line, but really couldn't care less about Republicanism.

Obviously, this is a lesson he learned from his mentors Gallagher and Maltese.

Republican readers need to take Como's cue and vote for Democrat Ober in November.

If Democrats are good enough for "Republican" Como, they should be good enough for Real Republican voters.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Anthony and I was so proud when a fellow Republican was able to hold on to the seat, considering what happened to our prior councilman. I know he is a freshman in the minority party and will not be able to effect the council in any way, but I still felt he could stand up and speak for our principles. So his first official act as Councilman is to pick a Democratic hack as his chief of staff. What a disappointment. In a city of 9 million people he couldn’t find one capable Republican? If he is going to behave like a democrat why shouldn’t I vote for Elizabeth, at least my community will have representation that is in the majority party and a well-known political name.

Ridgewoodian said...

TAXPAYER: Republican readers need to take Como's cue and vote for Democrat Ober in November.

For once "Taxpayer" and I agree, although probably for different reasons: Everyone should have voted for Ober - he was by far the best candidate (not blazingly stupid like Como or Crowley, not wacky like Ognibene). I doubt that he will but I'd love to see him run again.