Thursday, July 10, 2008

Landmarked theater waits for new occupant

In Manhattan, the facades of cool-looking theaters are landmarked and protected from alteration, no matter what their future use.

A Landmark Theater in Need of a Sequel

In Queens, well, we know the story.


Anonymous said...

The Trylon Theater in Forest Hills had a far better art deco pedigree than the paling Metro.

But, alas, it's located in
Katz's litter box.

So she sold out the community by allowing it to fall into the hands of that Bukharian cossack Kassiev
who swooped down from the Russian steps and sacked it like a true barbarian!

Anonymous said...

The landmark law should be overturned.

The rug should be pulled out from under the feet of the mainline preservation community.

Maybe when they join us on the floor we can all stare at the ceiling.

Anonymous said...


Repeal the landmarks law
and bring demolition democracy
home to roost in Manhattan!

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander!

Anonymous said...

Again, Bukharians are not Russians. They are Uzbek Jews.

Just because you speak english, you must be English.

Truman Harris said...

Actually, my friend is Bukharian and she is from Kazakhstan.

Anonymous said...

Bukhara is a major city in Uzbekistan. Perhaps she was born there, or had ancestors there at one point, hence the identification?

Anonymous said...

Scratch an Usbek and you'll find a severe backward, inbred, Soviet barbarian!

all cut from the same cloth!

The Caucusus mountain range
keeps them as isolated from the 21st century as the sheep they herd!