Thursday, July 17, 2008

The most recent racist rezoning

Theirs is a story that has become all-too familiar during the Bloomberg era: another stable neighborhood turned upside down by a massive rezoning.

Lower East Side rezone plan another Mike Bloomberg boondoggle

The sheer number of these rezonings - from Columbia University to Hudson Yards to Greenpoint-Williamsburg to Willets Point, boggles the mind.

City officials routinely claim it's for the good of the neighborhoods, but in the end a handful of well-connected developers and Big Box stores end up the big winners.

Small businesses and low-income New Yorkers keep getting pushed out.

The latest rezoning, opponents say, is targeted at the largely white and upscale areas of the lower East Side below 14th St. and above Houston St. It deliberately excludes Chinatown and the largely Hispanic areas east of Avenue D and below Delancey St.


Anonymous said...

One would think that "hizzoner", a Jew, would have some sympathy for predjudice directed at NYC's minority residents!

Not so!

"Der Mayor" has the soul of a Nazi!

Social engineering through "rezoning"(or lack of it) is blatant racism .

And what did the 3rd Reich call it?
Ah yes...."relocation"!

Anonymous said...

The difference between Manhattan and Queens:

Manahttan: 10,000 signatures

Queens: 10 people show up, 2 of the 6 organizers (the others could not attend their own meeting), 2 for the free food, 1 a certified nut case, 1 Columbia jounralism student, and 2 reps from the local politicans keeping tabs.

Anonymous said...

Look, this exposes the entire preservation movement for what it is: elitist and racist.

This is primarily the reason the entire process is in trouble: they never made the effort at a massive public education program thinking that their areas, being protected, will continue to lead a charmed life.

Boy are they in for a surprise!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to pull the rug out from under them. This, along with a developer with the funds, will prove thier undoing.

Step one: overturn the racist landmarks law!

Anonymous said...

Funny how the 'immigrant loving' Queens is pushing development burdens on the areas with high immigrant population.

All those spot downzonings in eastern Queens will be thrown out.

Anonymous said...

Some advice to our "native" (h-m-m-m?)western (Astorian?)
perennial northeast Queens bashing poster.

Forget Horace Greely's edict.

Move east young man, or be left swimming in a cesspool of over development!

Anonymous said...

I think it's that same old
Mr. B(ull) S(hit) man who's always knocking the northeastern sector of Queens that he really covets!

Anonymous said...

Eastern Queens Vs. Western Queens again?

Anonymous said...

"All those spot downzonings in eastern Queens will be thrown out."

That is my greatest fear.

Anonymous said...

another asshole crying racism.

Anonymous said...

East VS west and north VS south.

This is what maintains the clubhouse's iron rule over Queens!

Fragmentation of the populace keeps demagogues in power.

You're all making it easy for that Crowley bunch by fighting amongst yourselves for top dog status!

So, they can just sit back, relax and pull your strings like a puppet master backstage.

Remember...."E pluribus unum"!