Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fugitive developer craps out

A Brooklyn developer accused of swindling some 40 Crown Heights families out of millions was ordered held without bail Tuesday night after returning from his Israel hideout.

No bail after fugitive developer busted, charged in massive condo scam

Eliyahu Ezagui, 47, pocketed $15 million in mortgages on condos he sold to families living in two buildings he developed in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Authorities said it was the biggest local case of subprime mortgage fraud on record.

All the families are Hasidic, like Ezagui, and face eviction because Ezagui stopped making payments on the buildings at 770 Lefferts Ave. and 613 East New York Ave. He obtained the mortgages because he kept the apartments' deeds, rather than turning them over to buyers.

Ezagui fled to Israel late last year after his scheme started unraveling and was arrested on a warrant Sunday at Kennedy Airport.


Anonymous said...

I hope he winds up in jail,
thrown in with the general population.

Stencil his former occupation on the back of his prison denim shirt:


then watch the inmates f--k him in every aperture in his lousy rotten body!

Anonymous said...

Another "goniff" Israeli ....
no surprise here folks.

As my Jewish friend once said,
"Israel keeps sending us their ("K" word) and not their Jews".