Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More McMansion news

CBS 2 News has a followup report to the Times' piece on Bukharian overbuilding in Forest Hills.

'McMansion' Craze Creeps Into The Boroughs

Thanks, Forest Hills 72 for linking first.


Anonymous said...

The article contains a quote: "I think the reason the houses look lavish compared to next door neighbors is that you want to utilize every single inch of the land possible without breaking the law". Unfortunately, most of them ARE breaking the law. They are not built to code at all, being 1) beyond the allowed size for the property 2) illegal in terms of space required for side, rear, and front yards, 3) illegal in terms of height.

The DOB has not enforced any of the building codes or zoning laws, and it does not take much imagination to figure out why. Corruption and graft within the DOB is legend, and has been for decades.

Even when Communities prove to the DOB that a home being built is illegal, they are told it is definitely legal. Unfortunately, the Media has been lax in real investigative reporting.

Taxpayer said...

Now I'm all confused after reading the article. I had though that Como was Italian. Now I find out that he's a Bucharian Jew, who came with tens of thousands others from the former Soviet Union to settle here.

Just look at his illegal "house" over on 82nd Place. How else but with the corrupt collusion from Bloomberg's DOB, would this structure get built?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Avella the CM for Northeastern Queens?

Why isn't the CM for Forest Hills screaming about this hideous construction?

Anonymous said...

These idiots should realize that they are contributing to Queens flooding problem by building such large structures and paving over what ever is left! Then they wonder why people don't like them is has nothing to do with their religion it is about being bad neighbors, ruining mature lovely communities, eliminating trees and landscaping. Don’t they realize you need trees to breathe?

Anonymous said...

Alley (C.M.) Katz is at the bottom of all this.

She's been a "bottom" girl to NYC's
"top" developers!

Just Google her campaign contributions to see how our land use whore makes her money and gains more power!

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination, or did the reporter at the end of the piece say its time to change the "building zip codes"?

Anonymous said...

Queens was much better off when the Cold War was in full effect.

Anonymous said...

The whole world was (maybe) better off during the cold war.

These ever-acting-up juvenile tribal herdsmen were formerly kept in check by a strong Soviet parental hand.

Now they don't know what to do with
their freedom except abuse that privilege.

thetruthshallsetyoufree said...

This article deals less with the housing issue and more with racism. You can tell that by looking at the comments.
Why is an ethnic group being singled out. That is beyond me.
There is something fishy going on here (racism).

Truman Harris said...

Because they build ugly shit that blights the neighborhood. Prepare to be criticized if you continue.