Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Queens has most 2008 stop work orders

The number of construction sites the Buildings Department has shut down this year has skyrocketed - especially in boroughs outside Manhattan that have seen a surge in development by small contractors.

As of the middle of June, the department issued 5,948 stop-work orders citywide - a 44.8% jump from the corresponding period last year. The jump was 65.6% in Brooklyn and 67.2% in Queens.

Buildings Department steps up its construction site shutdowns


Anonymous said...

Gee, isn't it funny - the old guard preservation community does not even discuss these things.

I guess they think they live a charmed life with all their money and connections. I guess they think they don't have to put up with two bit developers and two bit politicians.

Anonymous said...

Naw, why should they?

They have stars in their eyes everytime they walk around downtown Flushing!

Anonymous said...

Most of the SWO in Queens belonged to Tony No Neck!

Taxpayer said...

Each Stop Work Order represents an inspector who didn't get his bribe.

Each SWO also is finally lifted. Not after a defect is cured, but after an increased bribe is paid.

After all, Commissar Death and Taxes needs to eat, too.

como talle vu said...

Fucko Como Stopo Worko

Anonymous said...

Saint John's University must have spent a fortune paying off inspectors. They have managed to proceed without an approved sewer plan. We all wonder what they are waiting for. 485 students generate a lot of shit!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't one of our whining impotent mayor's campaign promises was to overhaul the DOB?