Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lawn litter edict will soon be law

The Lawn Litter Law will take effect next month, now that the city’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) has published the enforcement rules.

The five-page edict appeared on the DSNY web site on Tuesday afternoon, July 2 and in the City Register the next day, meaning the law will be enforced starting on Saturday, August 2.

Owners of one- two and three-family homes can now effectively ban sales circulars and other printed matter that only contains advertiser-related material.

Lawn Litter Law takes effect 8/02

Fines for violations range from $250 to $1,000. Newspapers, periodicals and other materials which contain “a de minimis amount of news” are exempt.

Multiple documents that are “packaged together” using a bag, rubber band or other device will be analyzed separately to determine if they are “advertising” and violate the law.

The final version of the DSNY rules removed an onerous requirement that property owners had to have their complaints notarized. This came after a public hearing on Wednesday, June 4, at which objections were raised at the requirement.


Anonymous said...

Call these car services and arrange a pickup at an intersection near you. When the car arrives, throw the cards on the windshield and tell them to keep the f#$%ing litter out of your neighborhood. Then walk away.

Anonymous said...

Hey nice.

One and two family homes.

I guess western Queens, targeted for immigrants in multifamily homes, litter is ok.

Taxpayer said...

On a single block alone, counting both sides of the street, it takes ten to fifteen minutes for the litter-tossers to work the block. Then they go on to the next block.

So, why don't the "rules" include a call to 311 to have a Sanitation supervisor arrive to collect all the info needed and then start issuing tickets?

Because, Commissar D&T has no intention at all to eliminate the problem. Look at who is sending all that litter to your neighborhood. Once again, the Commissar favors the wealthy.

And, from the beginning, this has been repeatedly identified as a security problem. The litter piles up at homes where the residents are away, easily targeting them for break-ins.

Perhaps, when a homeowner learns he has been burglarized, then the advertisers should be sued (if their litter is on the property) as participants in the crime.

Anonymous said...

Call the advertisers and tell them that their solicitous ads are turning customers away!

Gary Halbert Disciple said...

I'm already busy creating "newsletters". 4 page reports showing why the homeowner needs my client's services, and how they stack up against the competition.

Business is never better for an advertiser like me.

TaxpayingDad said...

With the world scrambling to become "GREEN" because it is fashionable why can't we stop these flyers? The city of New york Sanitation picks up 800 tons of waste paper every day! I'm sure flyers, business cards and advertisements make up a good percentage of this. When will the mayor and other city leaders wake up and pull their heads out of their asses and do something that benefits the people who have elected them? Please do ther right thing for once.