Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They're still after Great Neck developer!

A local councilman said he and his "granny brigade" would rather go to jail than let a "hot-sheet motel" open in Springfield Gardens.

Councilman James Sanders (D-Laurelton) vowed to rally again outside the Long Island home of Saleish Gandhi, who plans to open a hotel on N. Conduit Ave., just 100 feet from a local high school.

Heated protests outside home of former hot-sheet motel owner

Gandhi's lawyer told Queens News that the hotel will be part of the Best Western chain, and not a "hot-sheet motel" as community members fear.

Brady conceded his client has run short-stay motels in the past but that the new hotel will cater to travelers passing through nearby Kennedy Airport.

But Sanders said that assurance wouldn't deter him and several elderly residents from staging acts of civil disobedience in front of Gandhi's home.

"Imagine six or seven grandmothers that are willing to get arrested to protect their grandchildren," Sanders said.


Anonymous said...

Wow, not like Team Gioia who is MIA when DOZENS of hotels are opening in Dutch Kills.

Anonymous said...

Now I ask you...
when was the last time anyone witnessed the so called historic preservation community in Queens showing such spirit and taking the initiative ?

They prefer to just sit there and suck up to various pols for a share of their "discretionary" funds to help close budget gaps and to defray the costs of mounting exhibits or conducting studies!

What a bunch of jellyfish compared to those valiant battling grannies!

Anonymous said...

"Team Gioia" ain't gonna fight the hotel builders in Dutch Kills,
lest they lose their place at those developers' teats.

After all, such political campaign contributions are the mother's milk of politics!

Anonymous said...

Way to go - don't stop or let up victory is in sight!Your making a huge difference in attitude in Queens and towards your efforts protecting your neighborhood A good, valiant fight!

Anonymous said...

These kick-ass grandmas are an inspiration to all!

Take a lesson QHS, HDC, MAS !

Anonymous said...

No "whine and cheese" parties,
just true grit!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the civics in Northeast Queens don't show this much enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

The "preservation" community really needs to take a few hints from this group. What good is your rallies(attended by the elderly), letters(that no one answers) and complaints on this blog(which also gets us nowhere)?

Huh? Does anyone have a good answer to any of this?

Joe said...

This crazi Iranian import is fulla shit He baugt the Royal in in Manhasset, and said the same thing

Now Its all "short stays"
$80 bux if you pay cash! The guys even rented "slightly used room's" 3AM out by 11AM.

You drive by 9PM and the place is empty, come 3AM it looks like a scene outside Peter Luger Steakhouse on a Sat night


Anonymous said...

did a search on the guy. if i have the right guy, he lives in a 3.5 million dollar home in great neck right on the water.

holy shit!

Anonymous said...

Once again the Shines put the Crackers to shame with their "action vs. talk".

italian girl said...

I say we contact these people and have them hold a seminar on How Not to Bend Over for a Developer.

Most of the civics around Queens are a joke. THAT'S why the city gets away with everything that they do.

Hmmmmm.....what are civics good for?

1. Write fancy letters(which no one will answer)

2. Hold a rally(attended by grannies and the unemployed)

3. Complain on Queens Crap(therapeutic, but accomplishes little)