Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ridgewood Reservoir plan: From bad to worse

A pair of Pied-Billed Grebes (diving birds) was recently observed in Basin #2 of the Ridgewood Reservoir exhibiting breeding behavior. This means they could be nesting there and may produce young.

Remember recent talk by Parks honchos that Basins 1 & 2 of the Ridgewood Reservoir would be a nature preserve and only part of Basin 3 will contain an open area for recreation that would not disturb wildlife? Well, a rendering found on the website of the architect hired by Parks for this project* shows otherwise and is below.

According to Parks, preserving nature these days means allowing people in boats (on 4 feet of water) to harass wildlife. It also means carving zip lines through ecologically sensitive areas. How many native trees will be removed so that the adventurous can propel themselves across Basin 1? And check out that "open area". Those sure look like outlines of much-denied baseball fields to me. The museum and nature center mentioned in the blurb on Mark K. Morrison's website do not appear in the rendering, either.

But the most blatant hypocrisy on the part of the City is the accommodation for parking in Basin #3. What happened to going "green"? Makes a lot of sense to take parking off asphalt streets where it belongs and encourage it in a nature preserve where there's already a greenway for bikes, doesn't it? And spend millions of dollars knocking down a wall to do so! What will you maroons think of next?

Now forget everything you just saw. The Parks Department remains adamant that they do not yet have a plan for the Ridgewood Reservoir. So, of course, we should believe them.

*Now mysteriously deleted from architect's website. (Thank God for the ability to create screenshots!)


Anonymous said...

Where are the bike lanes! There must be bike lanes!

Taxpayer said...

The stupendous arrogance of the Benepe and the Commissar is breathtaking.

They repeatedly lie about their intentions. They repeatedly claim that they are listening to public comment and input on these plans. They continuously lie about "one million trees" while they plan to replace thousands of trees with asphalt, concrete and deadly artificial turf (which will kill all nearby wildlife). They yammer on about clean air and clean water while they lay plans to pollute the air and water.

All this lying and scheming while they carry out the ultimate arrogance: they will "improve" the creation of God.

All this by people who violated the Civil Rights of minority women Parks Dept. employees in order to get into this position of destructive power to serve their moneyed contractors at our expense.

Anonymous said...

Not related to Reservoir:

I am a former Ridgewood resident who is going to a wedding on Harman Street on Friday. I've been told the alternatie side of the street parking will be a problem. I drive a Toyota Yaris so I can get into a tight space. Any recommendations where I should look for parking? Or can you direct me to a website. offers nothing about Alt Side Rules, except for the suspension dates. Tks.

Truman Harris said...

Alternate sides will be in effect generally up to 2 or 3pm in that area on Friday. After that, and throughout the weekend, there is no alternate sides.

Anonymous said...

Hey Crappie, I once shook hands with Dennis Gallagher. How many times should I boil my hand before I can eliminate the stench from that pink grandmother rapist?

Anonymous said...

Re: Alternate Sides

Thank you, Truman Harris.