Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Watch your step!

From Gowanus Lounge:

This conditions on Berry Street are pretty horrifying even by shoddy Williamsburg standards. If there’s anyone at the Department of Buildings who isn’t too occupied trying to explain why cranes keep falling over and smashing into buildings and slaughtering people, they might want to send an inspector over to check on the mess at N. 12 and Berry Street. Falling cranes aren’t the only things that can kill people; it would seem a two-story fall into a mud pit could do the job effectively too.

Mud Pit of Death: 40 Berry is Burg’s Scariest Construction Site

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CntrySigns said...

I hope you called 311. I know they are slow and sometimes you get do the wrong dept, but at least you get a complaint # that you can follow up on. I complain so much to them I think the reps are starting to know my name. :)