Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Citifield almost done

With the 2008 season underway, much of the major construction work on the Mets’ new home at Citi Field has been completed for the stadium’s planned opening in 2009.

Citi Field Construction in Home Stretch


ew-3 said...

Prediction: in 40 years people will be wondering why we built so many "vintage" baseball fields (ala Camden Yards). Just like today we wonder why so many round domelike stadiums were built in the60s/70s.
It must be tough to be original.

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe it will be complete in time for the mets to play in it in the post season... eh maybe not this year though,

Anonymous said...

You mean "Shitty Field"!

Anonymous said...

in 40 years people will be wondering why we built so many "vintage" baseball fields


naw, its lipstick on a pig. the whole point is to provide comfort and seating for the big shot corp boxes.

baseball is strangling in its own greed.

Anonymous said...

baseball is strangling in its own greed.

Just like the city and development.

Anonymous said...

Now Shulman's cohorts will really have to evict the Willets Point property owners.

After all, who's going to come out to the boonies to watch a crappy ball team play at what's already being called,

but wasn't that part of the original plan after all?

"Oh please Herr. Mayor,
we can't distract the Mets with an ugly scrap yard right across the street from where they'll be playing shortly. It's extremely demoralizing to their team spirit".

Reich's Chancellor Mike:
"I see you're point Madam Bovine.
Throw the switch on eminent domain
proceedings(and take their f----g land right out from under them)"!

Corpse Counsel:
"Heil mein Fuhrer".
Der legal documents vill be executed immediately!
Mach schnell you idiots"!

Joe said...

Does anbody know what was wrong with Shea ?
It wasnt sinking or rotting as far as I know. It also had great hookups to transportation ?
Junkyard stadium is built in an active salt marsh the mosquitos are going to carry people away on that 3/4 mile walk to the LIRR !

remember mel allen? said...

Here's the swing...and it's a high pop fly... out of the stands... and it's going...going...gone...
right into the junkyard!

Now who owns the rights to that ball?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Shea Joe except that they're trying to shove Citifield up our asses as one of the biggest boondoggles ever to be foisted upon all of us taxpayers!

Check out my proof:

In an old interview clip (part of a countdown series which aired prior to the opening of the 1964 World's Fair) Robert Moses (on camera) said that Shea was designed to be expanded and engineered to be converted into a full domed stadium!

Moses may have been a regular prick but he certainly knew his own projects very well.

This little tidbit was rebroadcast on UHF channel #25 a little over a year ago.

Call the station and maybe they'll
make a video copy available.

Put it on the internet and watch Claire Shulman & Co. shit a whole skid of bricks!

Anonymous said...

Shea Stduim has the versatiliy- being able to be converted into so many other uses, while Citi Field can be used only for baseball.

Alan said...


'nuff said...

Joe said...

-"used only for baseball".

I was Agnello junkyard looking at the construction, the shape and said to myself WHY ?

Its clearly designed to lock out all othe sports and concerts.
Its also Coyote UGLY !!
What curruption.

They could have repaired the Throggs Neck Bridge, NYS Pavilion and fixed all the Queens street for what this cost taxpayers. Most New Yorkers care about ballgames as much as they do Soccer !

This Mayor needs to be shipped back to Boston.

Anonymous said...

Joe, you get what you pay for
and who you vote for!

Corrupt officials continue to be voted into office by an even dumber electorate (at least once)!

Unfortunately there's more
crabgrass than brains in this bedroom borough!

Maybe we also need term limits
set for ignorant voters based upon
their IQ scores and English comprehension skills !

Oh, excuse me,
public education was instituted for the main purpose of providing an "enlightened citizenry", so that we can make intelligent choices in the voting booth.

Well, something ain't up to snuff.
It's either the people or our lousy
public school system!

So when

Joe said...

public education was instituted ** providing an "enlightened citizenry.

I thinks thats part of the problem, a good 90% of your public school teachers are liberal democrats.

I have a friend "Aimee" Studying to be a PS teacher. She bartends to pay for school I stopped in her place to say hello on a dead night.

She had to study and be graded on this book's "Understanding and sensitivity of Multiculturism" "Understanding the rainbow's of lifestyle" (Fag&Lez stuff)
Also all this other PC crap and EVEN WORSE this "banned word and phrasing dictionary" ....all All garbage I never heard of.
The covers of these books alone making me sick !!

Ahhh JEEZ what crap'ola The PS school system is programming kids to be these cabbage patch dolls to keep there friends in office for the rest of our lives.
Now add all the illegels voting (the election people dont ask for real ID)
Were so Fuc*ed !!!!

neversleep said...

FWIW- Moses was lying through his teeth about Shea- they could never brick it up or put a roof on it, it would break up and collapse or sink into the ground (probably both.)

I worked with my dad on Willets Point Boulevard as Shea was being built - he would never even enter the place, having observed its construction.

The triangle has been the regional headquarters for Midnight Auto Supply for half a century. The boys would "suggest" that we leave early when there was going to be an accidental fire in a mountain of cars or some special car crushing going on (read funerial.)

Considering what the city did to manufacturers who weren't cash businesses over the years, the whining about job and revenue loss from the triangle is so much Flushing creek water.

People who are ready to rip up ballfields on account of possible lead in the turf pigment should be screaming for 100 feet of the soil there to be hauled off and incinerated.

dennis said...

i mean citi field is a baseball only stadium and the new york jets just got their stadium rejected and still they could not make citi field a cookie cutter so that both teams can be satisfied