Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tammany Hall in Astoria

Politicians survived scandal after scandal. It worked on the spoils system filling 12,000 jobs after election day on city, state and federal levels. They always helped immigrants that nobody else would help while enriching themselves. Pictured is the Tammany Club of Astoria, 25th Avenue and 31st Street — winter 1935.

By the 1960s, Tammany Hall had finally ended its long run of corruption that lasted over a century.

Tammany Club of Astoria

Really? Could have fooled me. It sounded like the author was talking about NYC in 2008. Incidentally, Rep. James Maurice took on Tammany Hall and won. This explains why the powers that be fought so hard to get his church torn down...


Anonymous said...

I think they should rename it Vallone Hall.

Anonymous said...

Only in Astoria does a political club name themselves Taminent after the infamous Tammany Hall.

BTW, did anyone hear the community board is moving into one of the Pistilli Buidlings.

I guess he needed the revenue and asked a certain local dynasty that he has close ties to for help in the rent role dept.

How fitting.

Anonymous said...

CD 1, the community board from hell.