Thursday, June 5, 2008

Waldheim, Laurelton rezoning moving forward

Plans to preserve the character of more than 260 blocks in two Queens neighborhoods are now being scrutinized by perhaps the toughest judges of all - the people who live and work on those blocks.

Rezoning review for two neighborhoods

Public review began Monday for the proposed rezoning of 44 blocks in the Waldheim section of Flushing and 220 blocks of Laurelton, said City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden.

The local community boards - C.B. 7 for Waldheim and C.B. 13 for Laurelton - have 60 days to review the proposals and make recommendations. The plans will then be vetted by the borough president, the City Planning Commission and the City Council.

Photo from Forgotten NY


Anonymous said...

What about Auburndale?
What about North Flushing?
What about all the other areas of Queens that are waiting you stupid f**** at City Planning?

Anonymous said...

Auburndale is being destroyed by greedy developers. By the time we we get rezoned it will too late and the charm of this neighborhood will be long gone.

Anonymous said...

"Waldheim, which means "a home in the woods" in German, is bordered by Franklin Ave. to the north, 156th St. to the east, 45th and Holly Aves. to the south and Colden St. and Kissena Blvd. to the west."

Where did those boundaries come from? I thought Waldheim was bounded by Bowne Street to the west, Parsons Boulevard to the east, and encompassed Ash, Beech and Cherry Avenues.

Anonymous said...

Where did those boundaries come from?


Who cares? When is City Planning going to do right by the rest of us here in Flushing?