Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Special election update

News from the Queens Crap team:

- Anthony Como's campaign manager, Maspeth grease monkey Rick Metzger, accosted Tom Ognibene's campaign manager, Eric Ulrich, and attorney, Gabe Tapalaga, at the Trinity Lutheran polling site this morning. "Wait til you see what we do to you after Anthony gets in," Metzger was quoted as saying. The campaign also called the VP of the Juniper Civic last night. When she said there was no way she would vote for Tony No Neck, Metzger got on the phone and tried to intimidate her. (It didn't work.)

- Dennis Gallagher showed up at Trinity Lutheran with a young woman in his car. Quote from an observer: "Couldn't believe how fat and bloated he looked. A big bald head, a big face, a big protruding belly and a Hitler mustache, life ain't too kind to those who plead guilty to 'forcible touching!' And, the inane perpetual smile that we had seen in the past was gone!"

- Como's team drove around in an antique firetruck campaigning. Only problem is that the vehicle is not registered and has no license plates. See video.

- Ober volunteers were going door to door to businesses along Metropolitan Avenue asking to place campaign posters in the windows, when a bunch of thugs appeared suddenly and told them their presence was unwanted.

- Out of a survey of 7 polling locations in Middle Village, Maspeth, Glendale and Ridgewood, it was noted that Ober has a massive volunteer effort in place, with at least 3 people at each polling site. Crowley had 1 single person at Trinity Lutheran and none anywhere else. Ognibene had one person there as well. Como had limited volunteers, although his signs, posted on easels owned by a Queens Crap developer, are everywhere.

Here's a first person report:

"Dear crappy,

At 1pm this afternoon, I went out to vote at I.S. 119 in Glendale. The polling volunteer told me I was only the 44th voter for this day, and the youngest she has seen (21 years old). She commented that turnout was extremely low for a special election that has received a lot of attention over these 6 weeks in this district.

As I entered the station, Ober's 2 volunteers, who were quite friendly, approached and handed me a piece of literature and gave a short speech on his history. On the other hand, Como's person (yes just 1), simply handed me a piece of literature without saying anything. No sight of either Crowley or Ognibene's people.

Bottom line, I voted for Charles Ober, as he is the strongest candidate of the four. He has no ties to anyone who can cause corruption in politics and he cares about this neighborhood and district. VOTE OBER: A genuine candidate.

Alexander M.

Overall, turnout has been extremely low, with mainly seniors coming to the polls and with their minds already made up. None of the candidates were seen at the polling sites.

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Anonymous said...

Como is being made a fool once again. Whenever the Republicans want to loose an election they run Anthony Como. He looked like the biggest joke in the NY1 debate, expecially when Ognibene wiped the floor with this uninformed, mumbling fool.

The Swinga said...

I didn't try to intimidate nobody, I was just trying to point out the 'benefits' of licking Como's ass. Just like I do. Connections are what count, not qualifications.

I'm so dumb that I just do whatever the party tells me to do.

Fat Humpty said...

Dear Fiends and Neighbours,

The MMVCA proudly endorces Anthny Como. Anthony Como, is a hero. he is also fat and stuped, like us.

oh, wait, we're trying to queitly dissapear. nevermind.

Anonymous said...

I went to vote at PS 87 and the polling place workers had the over/under set at 100 for district 11. We just surpassed that number - this was at around 6:00 PM.

Anonymous said...

i voted at holy cross church in maspeth and the lady told me i was the 47th person to vote, this was at 4PM.

No one from any candidate was about. Even the sign had blown down.

Anonymous said...

you guys are so biased it's not funny

Anonymous said...

A woman called my house last night claiming to be Como's mother... said because I had an Italian name she was sure I'd "do the right thing." I told her if she was indeed who she said she was, she should be ashamed of herself.

C. Tennyson Crowe said...

I voted at PS 93 at around 7:45. I asked the poll monitors and they said they had gotten around 400 for the day. That's the same place that the Ridgewood Property Owners and Civic Association often meets, of which Ober is a vice president. I would assume it would be Ober territory and I wonder if that's a good sign for him.

C. Tennyson Crowe said...

What I said before.....guess not.