Monday, June 9, 2008

Ognibene campaign manager threatened (again)

Remember when QC posted this just a few short days ago?

Anthony Como's campaign manager, Maspeth grease monkey Rick Metzger, accosted Tom Ognibene's campaign manager, Eric Ulrich, and attorney, Gabe Tapalaga, at the Trinity Lutheran polling site this morning. "Wait til you see what we do to you after Anthony gets in," Metzger was quoted as saying.

Well, now Metzger and Gallagher have put that threat in writing on their blog. The site is run out of Gallagher's old campaign office where "the granny incident" occurred - a staffer authors it when she goes to work at the district office which explains why it's only updated during business hours. Hopefully DOI and CFB will put an end to the vile threats posted on the site on a regular basis. Clearly this is not something that matching funds and taxpayer dollars should be paying for.

Anthony Como was quoted by newspapers saying he would keep Gallagher's staff should he be determined to be the winner of the election. Why hasn't the Queens Republican Party completely disassociated themselves from Gallagher? Are Serf Maltese and Phil Ragusa insane or just as corrupt as the pink pig and his thugs are?


Taxpayer said...


Thugs sent from Albany to stuff ballots. Thugs sent to inflate the "absentee" ballots. Thugs from Maltese's office to pull a swindle to get Como (another thug - but, a very stupid thug - actually stupider than Crowley - who is stupider than a pile of dogshit) into office.

We all wondered why the thug Maltese wouldn't disassociate himself from pervert Gallagher. And why Ragusa kissed Gallagher's ass.

Because it was decided that the seat was to remain Republican?

Then, our decision is to disassociate ourselves from the Republican party to let them know we don't support thugs or thug rapists.

Coming soon: Addabbo or Baldeo.
Going soon: Maltese.

To jail? Anyone who interfered with the vote count. That includes Como thug pals at the BOE who defiantly refused to mail the postcards to eligible voters informing them of the special election.

Nearly 7000 votes in a special election at an odd time of year? Never happened.

About Como's threats on Eric Ulrich? Jail both thugs: Como and Metzger.

About a hate Blog operating on taxpayers' dime? Shut it down and jail all involved - including pervert himself! Let him sober up in a cell.

Anonymous said...

Because "don" Serf and "capo"Phil are too busy with their thumbs up each others' asses jerking each other off in an isolated, reactionary true Republican party self absorbed fashion!

Hey's high time you stop supporting these kind of crooks if you want to ever see your laughable party survive with any
countable members at all!

Anonymous said...

Baldeo's engaged in thuggish behavior in the past, he's no better than these guys. I'll go with Joe.

Anonymous said...

What, so no one is entitled to express their opinion except for this blog? Give me a break...

Queens Crapper said...

Making threats on city time is not freedom of speech. Or did you miss that part?

Anonymous said...

here we go again,threats,fraud, about someone talkabout the People of the 30 district for once.ITS A BIG GAME WITH CERTAIN GROUPS WITH THIS ELECTION,FOR ONCE HOW ABOUT US THE PEOPLE U ARE SUPPOSE TO CARE SO MUCH FOR.