Monday, June 9, 2008

Fare hike headed our way

Brace yourself for the possibility of another subway fare and toll hike.

A rare back-to-back increase - along with service cuts - could be in store for commuters now that MTA number crunchers are suddenly dealing with a massive hole in next year's budget.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's projected 2009 budget gap has ballooned - doubling or even tripling original estimates, sources said.

Without new state money, officials may soon raise the spectre of increases, service cuts - or both, sources and experts said.

MTA hike fare-y may visit us again

The Daily News says we've been "Hemmerdingered again"


Taxpayer said...

Somebody has to pay for all the bus rerouting done to service Humdinger's private profit at Atlas Mall.

The cure? Shop elsewhere! And, walk there or drive. Consider weekend and day trips to New Jersey and Pennsylvania for shopping breaks. The savings will pay for the gas.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that a city-wide fare hike has much to do with Atlas Mall.

HOWEVER! Another raise is unconscionable. The MTA has to do more less, like the rest of us, and I don't mean service cuts!

It strikes me that the Metrocard makes it all too easy for these fare hikes to go through. They used to think longer and harder about minting new tokens. Now, all their problems are easily shoved onto us riders.

Anonymous said...

This city is going to be impossible to live in pretty soon. Everything is going up except salaries!

The MTA cries poverty, finds money, then cries poverty again. Same old song!

Ian R. Crawford said...

it seems that something should be done to make the mta hear these unhappy voices. what can we do to protest another fare hike?

Anonymous said...

Get groups to bum rush the turnstiles without paying.