Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Next stop: Crapville

Great, more crap to look at in Ridgewood, with an astroturf-covered fence for that added touch. This is at the corner of Onderdonk and Palmetto and was formerly a store and a couple of apartments above.
But now - megacrap. I can't tell you how many units are in this because I can't seem to find a new building permit.
Hey, at least public transportation is nearby...


Anonymous said...

typical queens tacky crap

Anonymous said...


Ant said...

I think you're off base with this one.
While the entrance lacks creativity, the metal work holding up the awning is foolishly painted white, and the "grassy" fence has to go, these are all small cosmetic things that could be changed.
There was obviously thought put into the brick work on this place which is what makes this building appealing. It's not some hideous salmon or sand color brick or any awful checkerboard pattern either, but a good blend of complimentary red and dark brown hues.
It's a lot more than you get from a lot of other developers looking to turn a quick buck and it's a lot more intricate than you get in Sunnyside Gardens.
I'm skeptical of where the trash will go though. I'd reverse my entire opinion of this place if they're suppose to be stored along the front of the building between the railing.