Monday, June 9, 2008

Feds looking into CD30 special election

Just when you thought things couldn't get more corrupt in Queens County comes word from a source inside the Board of Elections that the US Department of Justice received a complaint regarding allegations of voter fraud during the CD30 special election. Questions have reportedly arisen as to the following:

- Postcards were not mailed to voters in the district of the election as per protocol. A vote was taken by BOE to not to inform the public via mail, allegedly in order to decrease turnout of the majority party. (Dems outnumber Reps in the district 2 to 1 - see chart)
- A total of 4,383 district voters pulled the lever for a Republican, when you add Ognibene and Como's numbers together

- Vote counts are overinflated and do not reflect actual turnout witnessed and documented by poll workers.
- Crowley won Glendale, Ognibene won Middle Village but Como won Maspeth, where he is even less known than he is in the rest of the district.
- PS113 in Glendale strangely reported triple the turnout of the other 28 polling sites.
- Allegations of individual voters casting ballots at multiple polling sites or casting multiple ballots at the same site at different times throughout the day. (This occurred as campaign volunteers mysteriously vanished from their posts during the afternoon hours.)
- The shipping of state workers down from Albany to work the election.
- Paid state employees campaigning for a candidate during working hours.
- Unusually large numbers of absentee ballots being received by BOE.

The books and ballots have reportedly been impounded at Como's request. This could get interesting. The feds don't play around. Will post more when we get more info.

(Note the District 30 poll results. Whoever the 6 people are who believe they received notification of the election from BOE, you are mistaken.)


Anonymous said...

So political mafioso (or otherwise) "fat" Tony "chubby cheeks" a.ka."big thumbs" Como had his soldieri "lean on" the system to produce padded fraudulent election results ?

We'll find out soon after the feds look up his ass (not a pleasant task to be procto-scoping a fat man that's been well fed on mozzarella,
pasta and fava beans)!

Could our "favorite" fat man wind up facing federal racketeering

Maybe he'll be eligible to join
Brian Mc Laughlin's club in
the slammer when it's all over!

I hope the feds punch his ticket to Leavenworth Kansas! All aboard...
train leaving soon.

Anonymous said...

Como was a commishioner for the Board of Elections until he quit right before petitions when out. How interesting.

Everyone at the Board of Elections was appointed by corrupt politicans. What do we expect. The workers lose their vote if these politial whores like Cumo lose.

The Board of Elections is as corrupt as it comes. Deal with it you jerks

CJ said...

Congratulations Anthony Como!!!!!!!

Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

"Feds looking into CD30 special election"

No sources, just made up out of thin air. Incredibly desperate even for the queens crappers.... next time concentrate on building a grassroots effort to bring out the democratic vote. Your politicians aren't going to be elected when there is no one helping them.

Julie said...

There definitely were no postards mailed out by BOE, I can verify that. No one in the district got them. We all found that strange considering this wasn't a regularly scheduled election and many people wouldn't have known about it.

Anonymous said...

Informants don't need to be named and often are not for their own protection. Remember "Deep Throat"? The source at the BOE is probably afraid for his or her job or retaliation by higher powers. I salute him or her for coming forward if they believed there was something amiss. Looks like there are some honest people left in government.

Queens Crapper said...

While I would be very unhappy if it turned out that Elizabeth Crowley were the winner, I do believe in an honest voting booth process, and if she won, then she deserves to hold the office.

Anonymous said...

Where is the link to the article about the feds looking into this?

Queens Crapper said...

This is original research, therefore there is no link. However, Gothamist linked to this post today.

Anonymous said...

Go Feds, Go!!! Please do a thorough job.

Anonymous said...

DA Brown sould name a special prosecutor to investigate this. Remember both the Democrat and Republican machines which gives out the jobs at the Board of Elections endorsed him.

Anonymous said...

this is tom ognibenene figerprints all over this fed thing another sore loser

Queens Crapper said...

I can say that it wasn't any of the candidates that reported this to DOJ.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course it wasnt a candidate who called in and complained. Thats what they have staff and supporters for. Instead of shear desperation, Crowley should have focused on knocking Obert off the ballot when she had the chance. I can see wanting to closely look at every ballot but allegations of fraud? ha! Coming from ANY democrat or from Ognibene either, that is laughable.

And dont do this "the Republicans" did this and that, blah blah blah - Barbara Connachio, who is a Dem, is the Chief Clerk at Queens BOE so if cards werent sent out - look at her first. Ognibene also has a few friends down there as well as one aide that recently quit there to work on Ognibene's campaign. Didnt hear about that here though did you?

Bottom line - before you start shoveling crap into someone else's front yard - make sure you arent full of it first.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the Queens Crap, it informative and a leading voice against over development in Queens, that being said the queens craps isn't exactly a news organization and the crappers aren't journalists. And sorry to burst your bubble, just because a website links to one doesn't give it any credibility, it just creates more damage.

Here's the deal, anyone with even a basic knowledge of government knows that there would be an investigation by the county DA, then if things became improper in that investigation it would be appealed to Albany and if lucky picked up by the state AG, then if there was some serious improprieties it would be handled by 'The Feds'... so show the MSM article you found this in, because it doesn't make you guys look to smart to make things out of thing air

Anonymous said...

crap posted by crap = what else - crap is the source of crap - irresponsible "journalism" at its best (worst)

Queens Crapper said...

Hey Pinky -(yes we know it's you by the horrible spelling mistakes in the comments you made within a span of 10 minutes)

I do not purport to be a journalist the way you purported to be a public servant. I simply retold what was told to me. The source works for BOE, not one of the candidates. What happens from here, I don't know.

Now, I couldn't help but notice that the JPP are suddenly away on vacation and for the first time ever they waited until after business hours to publish a post. Why is that, hmmm?

Anonymous said...

If the board voted not to send out postcards, then whether the person who normally mails them is Rep or Dem doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

The Board of Election commisioners like Como are a buch of politically appointed whores.

Corruption was going on for decades. The corruption will continue, nobody will stop them.

Anonymous said...

We elected the DA in Queens last years Soviet Union style. Brown was unopposed. Both the Democratic and Republican machines supported him.

Where are the good government groups pointing out what wrong with investigation corruption in this city. Instead the Citizen Union and NYPIRG support Quinn their friend when she was cought with her hands in the corrupt cookie jar known as member items.

These corrupt Bums who run our government behaive like they can get away with anything and they do.

Anonymous said...

Pick Up A Shovel. Then you might see something happen.

Anonymous said...

"Pinky" might continue to belittle the effectiveness of "Queens Crap" but this site certainly aided you in your "fall from grace" (politically speaking) and helped drop you into the sewer where you truly belong!

Now you can play gin rummy with the the rats(you've got the same yellow teeth)!

Don't try cheating them or they'll nibble your little nuts off!

Anonymous said...

Just think of "Q.C." as an ice pick poking around in a rotten termite ridden sill beam of the Queens clubhouse.

Now comes the insecticide!

Right over here Mr. Terminix!
Please apply a copious dose.
We don't want these crooked pols coming back again!

Anonymous said...

You may attempt to criticize the news gathering qualities of "Queens Crap" but this is where the people who've been screwed by the "machine" for decades come to get the real "skinny" on what's going on!

Ackerman's "Trib/rag"
only wished they had our circulation!

Anonymous said...

Just think of "Q.C." as an ice pick poking around in a rotten termite ridden sill beam of the Queens clubhouse.

Brillant, absolutely brilliant!