Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blackout solution?

Two years ago, I lived through the nine-day blackout here in western Queens. Little did I know that there was a bill in the City Council, introduced by Gale Brewer, that could have helped us avoid that mess. What's worse, even though the bill is a virtual no-brainer, here we sit two years later, and the bill is still on the ash heap.

Well, I'm taking it off the ash heap.

It is "Intro 264" (you can see the text here, it's very short). Basically, the bill would require businesses to keep their doors and windows shut while the air conditioner is running. That's it!

What would be the effect? The major effect is that demand for electricity, which stresses Con Ed to the limit, would drop -- and would drop the most during times of peak demand, when we most need the help.

And the heat goes on


Anonymous said...

Somebody ought to nail a notice on those Greek cafe owners'chests who specialize in serving their Euro/trash patrons along Broadway in Astoria to shut their "F-----G" windows!

Are they trying to air condition the G-d damn sidewalks?

Anonymous said...

This issue is familiar to the community having been posted repeatedly on that model of civic involvement (Bangladeshi Restaurant Opening! Brazillian Fashion Statement!) astorians.com.

Like everything in Astoria, unless the officials thinks its important, it just goes nowhere.

Not a boo in the press, not a heckle at the community board, not a burp from a single politican.

After all, since they thought its Con Ed's fault, the only thing you need to do is criticize Con Ed for indeptness (and sneer at your neigbhor who works for Con Ed struggle in a manhole to connect the wires while in a proctective suit at 100 degrees), and expect a tweeded handout.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is your friendly Con Ed employee, again.

Sure, everyone knows this - as well as overdevelopment, but no one will talk about it.

Since the last brownout, we have spent more time connecting new buildings to the grid in Astoria than repairing it - and frankly, we have no idea how the system can support the new traffic.

There are fires in manholes still breaking out everywhere, but only one at a time, so the press doesn't cover it.

Anytime the whole damn system can crash again.

Anonymous said...

CB1, the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

The owners don't want to close their doors - indeed, every year more and more euro-trash cafes in Astoria are built open to the outside (the trend is catching on in Mahattan - yet another development trend the city can thank Astoria for)

You are right, if the Gioia, Vallone, and Gianaris all say nothing, but demand rebates for the business that contribute to the mess, what is their incentive to conserve energy?

What is missing is leadership from the politicians and the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

"CB1, the community board from hell."

Wow, thats original. Never heard that before.

Anonymous said...

When its really hot out, they actually close their windows, so the airconditioning stays inside. But I know... blaming it on the greeks and "euro trash" is just so much simpler, especially since it is ALL THEIR FAULT the power line in Astoria caught on fire that year, and its all their fault that it took Con Ed 9 days to fix it. Damn Greeks. I bet they were the ones behind the blackout in the Bronx a few years earlier.

Has anyone ever been in a restaurant or cafe before? Or even turned the AC on during a hot summer day? If it is too hot, it wont shut off. These businesses dont have them set to a temperature, they have it set to stay on all day, and in an enclosed place with machines brewing coffee or making food....it gets hot, therefore, the AC doesnt rest. Think a little people.

Anonymous said...

"When its really hot out, they actually close their windows, so the airconditioning stays inside."

And why are they opening their doors and windows on a non-hot day when they have the A/C on?

Anonymous said...

This is an old trick that actually is used in Las Vegas a lot. It's warm out, you pass a place blowing out cool air from inside. It feels inviting. You are drawn in. Instant customer. Better than a newspaper ad.

Anonymous said...

During the last heat wave I was wondering why the city government didn't crack down on businesses wasting electricity like that. It's bad for the rest of us-- increased demand leads to blackouts and higher electricity costs.
So, any suggestions as to how we humble citizens can help move this bill forward?