Thursday, May 1, 2008

Voters in CD30 receive hate mail

"I didn't read the whole thing," one man told us. "As I was reading it, I kinda put it aside...I couldn't finish it."

As we showed the letter to voters in Queens, many were sickened.

"'That is why God gave them all AIDS, to die and rot in Hell,'" one woman read from the letter. "'He looks like he has AIDS, and he probably does.' Who is doing this?"

No one knows. The letter is unsigned, with no return address on the envelope.

Hate letters sent in Council race

Sounds like Pinky's m.o. Perhaps he has too much free time on his hands...


Anonymous said...

This is Gallagher. It's Gallagher and it's being done with the tacit approval of the Crowley campaign, upper echelon. Liz allegedly knew nothing about it (high road plausible deniability) DPG is angry. Very angry. At Tom. At Serph. At Como. Even Phil Ragusa and Jimmy Oddo. More on all that in the future. Right now he is on a mission to see his former seat go to the democrats. There is no quid pro quo here. No underhanded understandings or deals. If Crowley wins DPG knows there is nothing she can offer him publicly, including a thank you. His reward will be to see the faces of the Queens GOP as they realize he took the seat from them and handed it the democrats. This is what keeps him going as he flounders as an unemployed pariah. It's a distasteful, vindictive and near irrational zeal he is possessed with right now.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like a tactic from The Parkside Group.

Anonymous said...


Are you suggesting that
"Parkside's" Evan is spreading homophobic hate mail?

I thought he only got married
so he could acquire a "beard"!

Anonymous said...

If anything, the hate mail will bring more attention to Ober, and reduce Crowley's chances of stealing this election. If name recognition is the key, this anonymous bigot just helped Ober.

Anonymous said...

Why would Gallagher help Crowley?
(not sarcastic but curious)

Phil Ragusa, Como, Maltese and LaSalla even Ognibene are way to close if not squarly in the pocket of the local mob element, namely the Colombo fam.

Anonymous said...

namely the Colombo fam

Well then I guess it's not so bad seeing that the Colombo family is no longer considered part of the storied "5 families". They lost all power and influence in the late 80's and early 90's due to inter family civil war and have not been permitted to open the books, recruit or be given a slice of the rackets since. Additionally, this area has traditionally been controlled by Bonnano and Gambino factions, in that order. What little is left of the Colombo's is strictly South Brooklyn and little more than a middle aged street gang at that. I don't doubt the names you mention may be associated with organized crime. But your playing pin the tail on the donkey in attempting to identify the group affiliation.

Taxpayer said...

Since the 1960s, the Democrats, and especially, the leftists here in "liberal" New York, have posed as the guardians and saviors of the underdogs (Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, aged, the poor, etc).

In fact, they held a death grip on these various BLOCs to obtain voting loyalty. And, stupidly, these groups sold their loyalty without ever inquiring why their problems never were resolved, election after election.

Look at the current disaster at the national level, with two members of the underdogs now opposing each other. See the same vicious, scorched-earth attacks as we now see played by Dizzie Lizzie against a candidate who is gay.

Gays are supposed to remain the underdog. Gays are never permitted to actually seek or have any power.

We, the "Liberal" leftist guardians will speak and act for all the underdogs. Like an uppity Black "boy", this fellow Ober is standing on his own two feet, wanting to have power that belongs to his superiors.

Reason enough to put Dizzy Lizzy's dreams of power forever to rest.

Dump her. Let her start hanging out with her drunken pervert sexual assault fiend, boozing away their nights, dreaming: "I coulda been a contender".

faster340 said...

What a shame! Whoever did this is an absolute COWARD! Please, I hope they find out who did this!

Anonymous said...

I see in the latest addition of the Forum West (May 1st) where even Ognibene broadly hints that it's Pinky behind the flyers. Tom would know. Once upon a time when we all worked at a State Senators office on Myrtle Avenue, he and Pinky discovered how effective these anonymous mailings could be. Dennis has taken this to a whole new level. Almost an art form. Tom recognizes the Pinky handiwork.

Anonymous said...

And look below Mike Michel. I heard it second hand but its a strong source. Pinky is going to turn the heat up on you too.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher is starting to remind me of Jason from those 1980's slasher films. Just when you think he's killed off he springs back to life to destroy anything in his path.

Anonymous said...

If anything, the hate mail will bring more attention to Ober

Sort of why I semi suspect Ober or his campaign people of being behind this. He was totally anonymous prior to the mailing. He has the most to gain both in sympathy and support. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Ober is not anonymous--he has a high profile among civic minded folk in the district because of his work on the graffiti law.

Anonymous said...

"I thought he only got married
so he could acquire a "beard"!"

What does this mean? Is this a Jewish thing?