Thursday, May 1, 2008

ACORN misled Willets Point businesses

The Committee to Save Willets Point, which includes more than 100 small businesses in the so-called Iron Triangle, said they were misled and misrepresented by the nonprofit organization ACORN.

The committee's president, Arturo Olaya, said many of his members paid ACORN's membership dues - $10 a month - in return for help in negotiating their relocation as the city promotes its sweeping Willets Point redevelopment plan.

But Olaya said he and his members became furious this month during a meeting with Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber. At that meeting, Olaya said, ACORN threatened to break off negotiations if the city did not promise to make 60% of the project's units affordable.

"They were always trying to put words in our mouths," Olaya said, adding that his members' main concern is to have their businesses relocated.

Interest groups split after squabble over affordable housing at Willets Point


Anonymous said...

That group (ACORN) has its own agenda - Willtes Pt should have been warned by the folks from Atlantic Yards ... but, well, we know the state of the preservation community.

Every community has to reinvent the wheel. OK if you have wealth, power, and access and hell for the rest of us.

crapped said...

these guys with acorn are just the renter's who look to have or rent another place to do business, the real fight is with the big 10 they have the $$$ and drive & connections to kill this whole with the big boys these other guys are just riding on their coat tails trying to get attention. remember the city can't talk to them because they are renter's so that why you pay 10$ a month!! you get what you pay for!!

Anonymous said...

"ACORN" is a phony ass group
that's been co-opted
by the NYC real estate interests!

They've SOLD OUT to developers
several times before !

Anonymous said...

Divide and conquer! The creation of Wellington Pointe continues…

Anonymous said...

If any of the Willet's Point people did some homework, they would have seen that ACORN would sell down the river in an instant.

Anonymous said...

ACRORN for 'affordable housing?'

thats a joke, did they fight to keep rent regulaitons, Mitchell Lama, Stuy Town.


did they fight against illegal conversions?


Only new buildings need apply. Someone should investigate their sources of funding.

Anonymous said...

Understand they are sniffing around the Sunnyside Railyards.

And you guessed it - Jerry the head of Dutch Kills Civic (now there is a model of urban planning) thinks THAT is a good idea too.

Anonymous said...

ACORN is a nationwide network of far lefties. Far lefties who allow themselves to be whored out to various special interests. Like rent-a-rally to back up your cause. No one interested in property rights or in limiting government power should EVER trust them.