Monday, May 19, 2008

Vallone, Sr. subpoenaed in slush probe

Former Council Speaker Peter Vallone Sr. was subpoenaed last week by U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia's office seeking documents related to the probe, according to Vallone's son, Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.

Ex-City Council Speaker Peter Vallone Sr. hit with slush probe subpoena

Oddly, the subpoena sought information dating from Jan. 31, 2001, which postdates Vallone Sr.'s tenure as speaker. The councilman, who now holds his father's seat, said Vallone Sr. couldn't comply with the subpoena because he doesn't have any documents to provide.

If he's in need of legal counsel, Vallone Sr. won't have to look far.

"Our firm has attorneys associated with us who handle these types of matters," Vallone Jr. said, referring to Vallone & Vallone, where he, his father and his brother, Paul, are partners.


Anonymous said...

DA Brown will not touch a case against a pol so connected to the Queens bosses. That is why corruption is everywhere.

Will the member item investigation against Hiram Monserate stop now that he will be protected by the Queens machine.

No law or justice in this town

Anonymous said...

No documents? Allot trees ended up in the schreder. But you can't shred cyborspace.

I remember when he was Speaker and after a vote I was standing outside the Council Chambers. A councilwoman came out distraught and in tears and said "his strongarm men told me vote for it or forget my daycare center.

I heard she didn't run for reelection. I guess she wanted to be able to look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

You missed another
"slush puppy" link...Evan Stavisky
and his "Parkside" associates.

They're connected to all this!

Flushing Town Hall,
QBG and many other cultural organizations in Queens were
persuaded, advised or just thought it was good business for them to employ "Parkside" as their fund raising/lobbying firm!

H-m-m-m-m !!!