Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kissena kisses triangle park goodbye

The corner of Sanford Avenue and Kissena Boulevard is a rare piece of publicly-accessible privately-owned green space in crowded Downtown Flushing. Not anymore.

Last week, two Asian ladies put up posters on the site protesting the approved residential development, intending to send the petition to councilman John C. Liu. Unfortunately, the ladies spoke little English as they attempted to gather a petition, and they appeared to have few resources to fight the good fight. This week, a plywood fence went up around this triangle.

According to Forgotten-NY, the triangle once had a statue honoring President Warren G. Harding, and had a sizable tree in its center.

The apartments adjacent to the triangle have excellent courtyards and views of the historic Flushing Free Synagogue across the street. Now, they'll be facing an inevitable Fedders tenement. On the same block as this triangle is a narrow alley- Old Lane, which is also documented on Forgotten-NY.

Whatever happened to Mayor Bloomberg's million trees initiative? Whatever happened to expanding park space? Why is John C. Liu silent on this?

-a local supporter


Anonymous said...

A beautiful very old Mulberry tree
was mercilessly cut down on this site a couple of years ago.

Liu is remaining silent
because the developer probably put up money for his campaign
just like the Suzuki Corp. did.
(They're the company who built that courtyard infill monstrosity at the "Lincoln Apartments" site right off Bowne Street).

Anonymous said...

Is this "kosher"
under the existing zoning?

Where is our "kiss-ass" CB#7 on this?

Oh...it's probably "as of right"...
their ever ready excuse for inaction!

What's the matter Marilyn...afraid to lose your 70 Gs + patronage job if you express any outrage ? !!!

Now wonder Flushing is becoming a 3th world mecca!

-Joe said...

Isnt Liu a Moonie (likley like the women putting up the posters) The Rev.Moon orginization has been funding a big part of al this distruction of American culture and re-construction in Flushing all the way to Little Neck

Anonymous said...

When some of the local Asians complained about this construction site, I told them, "You elected him, but he is no longer listening to you."

Anonymous said...

Liu is a Stavisky/clubhouse pet/pol
who'll do what he's told!

Has anyone looked up who the developer of this property is?

The answer should be interesting!

Anonymous said...

Rev. Sun Myung Moon is Korean... Joe.

Anonymous said...

It's Korean businesses that are expanding eastward on Northern Blv'd.
out to Little Neck, not the Taiwanese or Chinese.

Anonymous said...

It's a rather small triangle.
I wonder how high they can build and still comply with the legal FAR
(floor area ratio) requirements.

But, after all, this is Flushing
and anyone and anything can be had for the right price!

Anonymous said...

As a friend of mine just pointed out,
Flushing has just slipped a notch from being a 3rd world slum
to a 4th world armpit!

Anonymous said...

My friend called me yesterday afternoon so I could hear live...
the loud voices of outrage coming from a huge demonstration that was mounted protesting the development of this site!

He noted that it seemed to be
Chinese organized and red flags were waving .

Can anyone elaborate on this?
Sorry I wasn't there myself.

Ms. History said...

If anyone attended this rally,
please send in some photos.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for my error.

This was not a Chinese organized rally protesting the destruction of the Kissena triangle.

I found out yesterday that it was a Faulin Gong/political demo.

My original informant was misinformed.