Friday, May 16, 2008

They don't know Jack about Jackson Heights

Excuse me? Why would we want to be the "new Brooklyn"? So obnoxious yuppies can move here and make everything into a soulless hellhole where everything is too expensive? Nah, you can keep your stupid tag line.
And your logo with the top-hatted man that looks like he has a bullet hurtling toward his head and took a cannonball to the stomach.

Shove your slogan "More Park - Less Slope", too. (Where's John Liu on this one?)

Jack Heights Going at Park Slope Again

Hey Park Slope? You got a logo, BITCH?


Anonymous said...

"Yuppies" really seem to rile up Crapper's bitterness. What is it about young, smart, educated hard-working people with good jobs that is so bothersome? Envious?
Why are you also insulting Park Slope? Have you ever spent any time there? It's a very nice area.

Queens Crapper said...

Where in the post did I say anything negative about Park Slope or anything at all about Park Slope?

Why the hell would I be jealous of yuppies when I am about to move into my own home on a lovely tree-lined landmarked block?

Anonymous said...

You criticized this ad comparing Jackson Heights to Park Slope and you said: "Excuse me? Why would we want to be the "new Brooklyn"?" Now you say that you weren't being negative about Park Slope?

Anonymous said...

Did Jeffrey Saunders have anything
to do with this idiotic ad campaign?

Really....promoting your neighborhood at a half price bargain rate could indicate that things are faltering in the J.H. real estate market...
h-m-m-m ?

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Jackson Heights, what I find ironic about this ad campaign is that almost all the parks in JH are private and are not open to the public. There is only one public park that I am aware of (Travers Park), which is a concrete monstrosity. Unless you are in one of the decent co-ops or condos, you will not be able to enjoy any of the "parks."

Anonymous said...

Oh....we suppose the current residents of Jackson Heights, Queens or any other borough in NYC
is filled with lazy types that don't work hard ....h-m-m-m ?

"Yuppies" are generally perceived of as notorious parasites
that move in and displace families and milk more from nabes than they're purported to contribute to.

But they're great at driving up the price of real estate....
and that's just "peachy" for the broker, who's obviously posting here!

Methinks there's a little racism involved with those "lovely souls"
who live in the historic district near 37th Ave.

Maybe they want to drive out
Latinos living south of Roosevelt Ave. so that side of the tracks can be "improved" by importing
some new more well behaved residents.

A little too close to your backyards (oops....I mean walled private gardens) ?

Tsk,tsk, its
time to move the "colorful" folk off to some reservation.

How thinly masked
bigotry and social class snobbery
can often be!

Anonymous said...

Oh....Park Slope is just fine if you pack a gun for protection on your evening stroll through the park!

retired ad executive said...

When an area has to resort to an ad campaign to promote living there,
"something is rotten in the state of Denmark", or in this case,
Jackson Heights!

I guess things ain't all as rosy
as they're supposed to be!

And please don't try to "shit" a former "shitter"!

Anonymous said...

buying in this market crappy?

did not take you for a knife catcher

Anonymous said...

Jackson Heights has as much park space as Rego Park. Save for a few playgrounds and Greenstreet triangles, most of the green space is privately owned. Having a few gays or yuppies is fine, as long as they don't overwhelm the nabe, and price out the remaining residents.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm gonna advertise my co-op
that's for sale in J.H. on a float in the next neighborhood gay pride parade and see if I can Dromm up some business.

Anonymous said...

Yuppies have shitty habits, that's all. They spend too much money trying to look rich and drive the prices of real estate up. And what you don't know is that some of them are in deep debt on their mortgages and credit cards!

Anonymous said...

I happily just sold my coop in Jackson Heights this week. The market there is just fine. In just over 2 years I turned a modest profit on a fixer-upper. Frankly, some of that neighborhood is pretty crappy. Not all the holdovers of the eary 90's crack era have left. Still some ghetto folks living there.

Anonymous said...

And just who do you mean by
"ghetto folks"...
Latinos or people of color in general?

Don't tell me that a bigot like you is afraid to call a spade a spade?

Hey that rhymes....kinda "hip hop".

I guess you don't feel "rap" either!

Anonymous said...

If the real estate market is so "fine", there's no need to promote J.H. so vociferously!

C-mon fella...we've all been around the block a few times and know
BS/PR spin when we hear it.

Somethings going on in JH
(probably even some sub prime bail outs)!

The market is affecting everyone these days, even yuppie speculators!

Geo said...

i love how people from brooklyn get offended by these ads. Yet...more of the people living in brooklyn arent actually from brooklyn these days. And they see these ads and get upset with Queens natives, as if we had some sort of say in this ad.

"Oh yes, by the way....we all meet on the last thursday of the month to think of other ways to bash people "from" brooklyn......"

All aside, QC, keep up the good work.