Friday, May 16, 2008

LIRR platform gap claims another victim

An unidentified woman was taken to a Jamaica hospital in Queens after her leg slipped into a gap at the Kew Gardens Long Island Rail Road station early Thursday evening, a LIRR spokesman said.

The accident occurred at about 5:20 p.m. while the 61-year-old woman was exiting the 4:11 p.m. westbound train from Ronkonkoma at the west end of the platform, said LIRR spokesman Sam Zambuto.

The woman suffered lacerations when part of her leg fell into the gap. Her injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, he said.

Woman slips into gap at LIRR station in Kew Gardens

Please be careful.


faster340 said...

DAMN the LIRR and MTA, another poor victim. My mother is a victim from last summer at New Hyde Park and went down in the gap up to her chest and had to be pulled out by other riders. She had to have skin graft surgery to repair her leg as a result.

I thought they were closing the gap issue. I guess it's all fluff bullshit as usual.

Frank said...

Here's a great tip for passengers. Step *over* the freaking gap.

I don't see why the LIRR is responsible for people who so unaware of their surroundings that they can't step over a small gap.

Rob said...

Seriously, isn't looking down at the gap the first thing you do when you enter or exit a train or subway car?

Anonymous said...

If people watched where they stepped and didn't distract themselves with either talking on a cell phone or texting as they walked they wouldn't fall into the gap.

faster340 said...

Screw all you who says it's the passengers fault. The gap shouldn't be wide enough for a body fit down and an old woman to have to jump over. Especially a 75 year old woman coming from her son's death bed at the hospital. What a bunch of creeps! You better hope your mothers aren't in that situation.

Anonymous said...

People, for just a second, get off your Crackberries or cell phoes and pay attention to the gap in the platform.

Anonymous said...

Of course you can step over the gap-if no one is pushing up against your back in a hurry to get on the train, if the disembarking passengers don't knock you down, and if you're not carrying luggage.

Anonymous said...

Remember the slogan,
"Fall into the Gap"?

The "Gap" jeans store chain has been closed for quite a while now.

That leaves the LIRR the last
to close their gaps!

Maybe they should pick up the "Gap's"line and encourage passengers to fall into their gaps!

It would be a quicker, cheaper fix.

Anonymous said...

do you, perchance, work for the LIRR?

Some of these "gaps" look more
like the Grand Canyon!

And maybe with winter icy conditions, it matters little where your eyes are, if you slip and slide into one of these chasms!

Oh, I suppose the railroad isn't responsible for platform safety either.

But I do encourage people to
unplug their I-pods and pay attention to what's going on around them before they wind up
"stepping into it"!

Anonymous said...

For the love of god people, why is it only now, after nearly 100 years of service, that this problem has become public enemy number one?

Can you say boondoggle?

Leave Frank alone, he's right.

Anonymous said...

The gap became an issue when the MTA and LIRR switched to a new model of trains that expose a gap between the train and the platform. It is a safety issue that need to fix, but looks like they are not. How in the world you can place blame on elderly women for slipping is beyond logic.