Friday, May 9, 2008

Repairs needed for Jones Beach tower

Long Island's best-loved 78-year-old is about to get a face-lift.

The septuagenarian in question is the Jones Beach water tower, which has been showing its age.

Long cracks run along the 231-foot structure's exterior of brick and limestone.

Inside, the steel frame that supports the 300,000-gallon water tank is deteriorating.

And a section of copper is missing from the tower's green-tinged roof.

The Jones Beach tower's copper roof, the structural steel framing encased in concrete, and portions of deteriorating brick and limestone will be replaced at a cost of $3.3 million.

The tower supplies water to the restrooms, bathhouses, swimming pools and buildings of Jones Beach State Park.


Anonymous said...

New slogan for Jones Beach: not a pig sty like Rockaway or Coney!

-Joe said...

Im calling BS on this one !
Its a technical way of getting the plumbing and sewer stuff upgraded so Tom "Moses II" Souzzi can lobby for more piggish "lets make a deal" Trump like BS along the boardwalk !!!
They pulled the same shit with the Ampatheater 15 year ago where I was a sound engineer.
Everbody was pushed out and the place ended up Monopolized by Clear Channel and Ticketmaster.
$190 concert tickets and private corperate booths

They placed a Tommy Hillfigure name so they can pretend it wasnt special interest

The Nassau County suits are like drug addicts, lavishly spending every surplus tax dollar on them selves with raises, pensions, German cars, office remodeling.
Ya see the park is owned by the state but the parking lots are owned by the county, fill them all up (around 80,000) @$12 a car and do the math ....then add that to the special interest payola


ken said...

it's lit up all orange in the photo - as if it were on fire!

-Joe said...

.....Time Exposure photo on a tripod my guess 30 seconds with ISO 400 at F8 in daylight color balance rendering.
(you can still do that in Long Island)
...I started in entertainment as a concert photographer for Circus magazine in the 70's BTW


ken said...

...that's neat.
When it comes to snapping photos I'm just pleased to get the picture in focus. Usually take 2-3 to play it safe, then rely on Photoshop to brush them up.

Anonymous said...

Snuck in there many year's ago in the 80s when they left the door open. What a Horrible creepy place! The creeking steel and plumbing related noises were just horrible.

Its dark
You look down and see what looks like a bottomless pit of pipe dead still water reflecting the blackness from above
....Ahhhh, just horrible

Jimmy Hoffa must could be down there !

Anonymous said...

Amazing video of the inside climb to change a beacon blub here: