Friday, May 9, 2008

Clairol Christine and Mayor Mike visit Titanic crap

...Quinn swooped into town with Bloomberg on his corporate jet yesterday, while her likely '09 mayoral opponent, Comptroller Bill Thompson, and sometime-speculated candidate, Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, flew coach on Continental.

Upon arriving in Ireland, Quinn and Bloomberg visited Belfast's "Titanic Quarter," a massive housing and business development planned for the former dockyards site where the doomed ship was built and launched.

Bloomberg Gives Quinn A Lift To Belfast

There's something just so appropriate about this...


Anonymous said...

Hey, "Slush Fund" Christine and Mayor Dumb-berg, there's no need to visit the docks in Ireland that launched the ill fated Titanic.

We've got a sinking ship right here at home in New York City thanks to our increasingly crooked municipal government!

But I guess you'd both rather run away for a brief "vacation" (on tax payers time) until the political weather clears up.

It won't.

The FBI is on course and I'm sure further indictments and corruption scandals will be surfacing shortly.

P.S. Speaker Quinn....
maybe you'd better stay over seas with your Irish ancestors before you get a federal subpoena upon your return flight home!

Taxpayer said...

"Everybody wants to live in peace and be challenged, and work next to somebody who cares," Bloomberg said this morning. "I think Belfast has a great future, and that's why my company is opening an office here."

Belfast, with it's long history of violent killings, welcomes the Commissar, who is responsible for so many deaths by the city agencies he manages.

Plus, he can kill fetuses with abandon here whenever a woman employees dares to become pregnant.

Profitability first, ya know.

ken said...

hope he's not planning any "massive housing and business development" districts for here.

Anonymous said...

All those problems in this city and all they can do is go on a tweeding junket.

Given a free pass in the press, of course!

Anonymous said...

Ah, curse the Irish!

They built a super highway
over their own sacred Tara Hill.

They'd sell out their own "sainted" mothers for an Irish Pound
these days!

Thank G-d i visited the old country in the 70s. Now it's being over developed just like NYC.

No wonder Mayor Bum-berg is there to get a piece of the pie!

(Knowing him, it'll be four helpings of pie for that pig)!