Friday, May 2, 2008

Reader wonders how the hell this happened

"Dear Crappy,

Head's still pounding!

Was able to get the inspector over here today.....a good guy, put up the STOP WORK order and some other papers-----in the space of 10 minutes, "somebody" tore them down.....workers will probably be back tomorrow.

No posted work permit

No variance for weekend work

Noise vibration problem with surrounding attatched structures(our homes) Please,do you know who was responsible for the zoning change in Community Board 1 -- Astoria?

And if it's possible,for how long it was legal to totally gut and demolish interiors of attatched row housing?

We are truly suffering with the noise and more so the viBrATionS from jackhammers and sledge hammers,my 90 year old walls have developed cracks,falling plaster and paint. Buildings inspector so-and-so said he would gladly document anything with his camera and fill out the complaints but we were unable at this time. Any chance you know who did this to us?

In the past we did go to meetings but no one ever heard that OUR zoning was changed from R2 to R5 (until all these semidemolitions started) and both Delis and Vallone refuse to acknowledge. Thank you.

PS--This complaint involves attatched/row housing. how could the morons over at the buildings dept issue permits for the work entailed in converting these former 1 families into 3-5s? Police precinct staffing is way down, no increase in sanitation services - no electrical upgrading done and the underground transformers are ONCE AGAIN exploding already. We've put up with so much over the years, primarily the illegal conversions of these houses and now this!"

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Anonymous said...

Community Board 1, the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

I think that might win the "crap of the year" award.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even have to read it, I knew it had to be Astoria!