Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is it still Construction Safety Week?

A man was in serious condition on Thursday after being struck by a piece of plywood that fell from a Manhattan construction site.

Walter Wilkinson, a film company production assistant, was hit by the debris at East 18th Street and Park Avenue South. Wilkinson and a crew were setting up the block to shoot a Mastercard commercial.

A Buildings Department spokeswoman said the plywood that fell was on a scaffold being raised to assist in facade repair. When it arrived at the 12th floor, the spokeswoman said, it became dislodged and toppled over.

Man Seriously Injured By Debris Falling From NYC Construction Site


ken said...

maybe they should change the name to "Construction Casualty Week."

-Joe said...

Yes a holiday like Memorial Day.
We can all walk around in hardhats and 2x4's in honor of the dead.
We could also wave the 2X4's at our clubhouse polititions as a reminder of who they are intended to represent.


-Joe said...

Acording to Drudge did NYC alone has lost more people to unlawful construction, fires, electric heaters converted "mattress houses" then all New Yorkers in the Iraq war zone.

After that comment ABC (Disney)fired Drudge

Mr Angry said...

hey, it only hit that guy, it didn't kill him. this is a vast safety improvement!

Anonymous said...

Shit happens.

Anonymous said...

LOL ...The worker was a Silvercup employee, the same company that contracts with Disney and the city.

They also lobbied the city and MTA to ban cameras & tripods in the average "Joe blow" hands unless they have permits.

Maybee it should have been a brick

Anonymous said...

Lawsuit! Lawsuit time!

Sue the bastards and the DOB!

No sooner than the door hit
Lancaster in the ass as she left
than it starts all over again!

We're looking forward to the
"improvements" that the new DOB commish will be putting into place to insure public safety
(ha, ha, ha) !

Construction sites are becoming as dangerous as coal mines in China!

Anonymous said...

The problem is often communication between bosses and workers
(in a common language like English maybe?)!

"Say, that plywood".
"Si, bueno".

"Hey, Wong...stow that rail safely".
"(?????? got it boss".

"Watch out for that
narrow clearance,Ivan".

"I watching good, commissar".

????????? what da F-----g hell
is this the United Nations
general assembly
or a construction site?