Thursday, May 8, 2008

Monserrate under DOI investigation

The authorities are investigating whether a Queens social service agency that received city money through the efforts of Councilman Hiram Monserrate also helped politically with his campaign for the State Senate, according to a law enforcement official.

Political Role of Group Councilman Financed Is Said to Be Investigated

The Queens district attorney’s office and the city’s Department of Investigation are looking into allegations that more than two dozen workers for the nonprofit agency, Libre, collected signatures to help Mr. Monserrate get on the ballot in 2006 for his unsuccessful bid for the 13th Senatorial District seat in Queens, the official said.

Mr. Monserrate has directed more than $2.7 million in Council discretionary and capital funds to the group, including more than $2 million earmarked in the last two years for a community center, a joint project with another group the councilman finances. Although no money has been spent on that project, the councilman has also obtained nearly $400,000 more for Libre to provide a range of other services since 2004.


Anonymous said...

Who to vote for in the State Senate race, the drunk or the crook?

Anonymous said...

We always said he looked like
a power hungry shady ex cop
who was on the take!

It looks like we were right in our assumptions.

Eric Arthur Blair said...

What is that pin on his lapel, a Communist party pin?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a PBA
(Policemen's Bribery Ass'n) pin!

Anonymous said...

Would it not be neat if someone can make a chart of all the polticians that are resigned or under investigation.

Then send it to the toadies, the local press (Tribune, Courier, Gazette, Ledge) and local blogs (like

Then you will see the desire for blood.