Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hairpiece's horror show

Looks like Bobby "The Hairpiece" Scarano outdid himself on his most recent project...

Enlightened Bond St. Scarano Building Shows Itself

Small on windows. Large on crap. We hear that Scarano is a protégé of Frank Lloyd Crap.

Courtesy of the Gowanus Lounge


Anonymous said...

Who is Frank Lloyd Crap?

Will someone please tell the story of this legendary, yet mysterious figure who taunts us all with architectural abortions? He looks like Crappy, but wears a suit and hat and carries a cane. Is this is crappy in disguise? Crappy's alter ego? A relative?


Jason in Kew Gardens said...

WOW! Oh my god... wow. No lipstick could ever save this pig.

Anonymous said...

You people are just not able to see this mans' architectural vision.....come to think about it neither can I.

Anonymous said...

building in New york requires more than a computer and a mean streak it requires vision. Get over it

Anonymous said...

We need a book with Crappy architecture to be published, with withering fire leveled on the preservation community (groups like Landmarks Conservency, HDC, etc), the media, schools (Pratt, Hunter, Columbia) and city government (buildings, LPC)

As a matter of fact, below every picture where the acknowledgement would go, should be "courtesy of (your local city councilperson's name)"

CJ said...

"building in New york requires more than a computer and a mean streak it requires vision. Get over it"

Whoever designed this is vision impaired.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me that those "windows" are in violation of the fire laws?

Has anyone checked with the Fire Department?

Anonymous said...

More like Scarano
is a protege of Le Crap-ousier!

When is this
finoccio grandson of a don "architect" going to finally get arrested and take his turn in the prison showers? !!!

Maybe he'd like Bubba.

But once his hairpiece is yanked
off his head and sold for cigarettes, Bubba won't find him
so attractive!