Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crowley campaigning in wrong district

So I happened to be passing the office of the New Puebla Car and Limo Service on 51st Avenue in Woodside yesterday and noticed an Elizabeth Crowley campaign poster in the window. There were also a few in the windows of nearby homes. Guess what? Woodside is not part of the 30th Council District. This area belongs to the Doorman. So Lizzy and her advisers apparently don't even know where the district boundaries are (or don't care).

From the Daily News...

Elizabeth Crowley:

- Raised: $101,993
- Spent: $66,591

Crowley expenditures include $11,250 to The Esler Group and (rather oddly) $1,050 to Chris Dodd's now-defunct presidential campaign for two computers.

Mrs. Doorman is running the show and has Lizzy campaigning in her husband's district. Maybe that's because in 2001, Liz originally planned to run in the 26th District. Makes me wonder if her campaign collected signatures while handing these out, which of course would mean they are invalid.


Taxpayer said...

So picky!

So what is the little girl is utterly stupid?

It will be her handlers who tell her where to go, what to do and say and where to send the money.

She will authorize someone to collect from various grifters and to write checks for favored supporters.

It's only $112,500 of our money to pay to have this moron make her own contribution to the council rip-off of taxpayers.

Her cousin will look after her interests. Her brother Francis (the convicted, jailed rapist) will be the go-between for Gallagher and his drunken crew.

She will do all the lapdances for developers. It does take skill and talent, and she does have that. Wide hips and a flaccid tummy, too.

CntrySigns said...

The staff that's putting up the posters are very nasty. We are a republican household and when my grandmother said we wouldn't put up the sign he got on a very nasty political high horse to my 90 year old grandmother. I finally had to walk out and tell him to get out of my store before I call the police. I kick myself for not getting his name.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter? The faces are all interchangeable non-entities.

Its one machine and one policy everywhere so the actural body is pretty much a pro-forma exercise.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does she have some sort of speech problem. If there is a public debate before this thing is over, and people see her attempt to talk, she will lose

Anonymous said...

at a Queens pol's ignorance?

This lady ought to consider
wearing a hat to enable her to distinguish which end to wipe!

Remember this though...
she's only got to be "intelligent" enough to know which developers to seek "contributions" from!

Time to smarten up voters,
or we'll keep on getting force fed
some more of the same
from the clubhouse!