Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting hosed again

NYC Water Board Approves Major Rate Hike

The city water board has approved a 14.5 percent rate hike -- the second double digit increase in the last year.

The move came during a board meeting Friday morning.

The Department of Environmental Protection says it needs the money to cover rising costs. Rates went up 11.5 percent just last year.

Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that rate hike comes eve as the city tried to increase collections by cutting off service to customers who fail to pay their water bills.

Last year rates went up 11.5 percent, and then in December the Water Board threatened an unusual mid-year supplementary hike of 18 percent because of lower-than-expected revenues.

That move was scrapped after the board instituted tough measures on those who had not paid their bills.


Anonymous said...

Well, SOMEONE has to pay the infra structure costs for that massive population increase in 2030.

Frank said...

A news report on NY1 said that if the mayor wasn't diverting some of the funds generated by water bills to non-DEP related accounts that the hike would only be 3%.