Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bloomie's history of goofiness

One day two winters ago, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, just back from an overseas trip, traveled to Albany to testify at a key fiscal hearing. During his testimony, he grew agitated at an Assembly Ways and Means Committee staffer who was whispering information to a lawmaker - a practice even casual viewers of C-Span know is utterly routine.

"Would it be helpful if I just stopped for a while, sir, while you finished your moving back and forth?" Bloomberg said. "I have plenty of time. I'd be happy to wait." Aides later blamed the mayor's jet lag.

As term wanes, will Bloomberg maintain composure?

Two years earlier, at a dinner in a restaurant, Bloomberg went off on Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, over how politicians behave, witnesses later reported. Aides blamed jet lag from the mayor's trip to Asia, seeking to lure the Olympics to New York.


verdi said...

Nah....his royal highness
is always used to receiving bows and courtsies from his courtiers and ministers.

After many years of having his ass licked clean by his servant/retinue
anyone who "interrupts" him
is immediately chastised!

And us poor working slobs are still using toilet tissue.

Just wait until the revolution
lops off king Louis the XVI's
final term in office.

Vive la New York!

Alan said...

Vive Queens Crap!

I know that these videos recorded in 2004 have been posted before but...

Was the mayor "jet lagged" when he so carelessly blew me off when I asked about specific health concerns, such as blood cancers, relating to my section of Queens:

At the same meeting, he told this north Flushing community that the city would not be able to afford new stadiums:

It's about time people are paying attention... but is it too little and too late?

Fat Lt. Pete Martin said...

Grouchy little bastard.

jerry rotondi said...

Maybe it's time for me to draw
a new political cartoon featuring a guillotine on the steps of city hall, perhaps (heh, heh, heh)?

Anonymous said...

The billionaire is unusually crabby this week. He went off on a Newsday reporter who said that the mayor "maintained"; Bloomie thought it was a code word for "lied"

Anonymous said...

Have you forgotten his company is being sued by a large number of women?

Have you forgotten how he wrote all women do is shop in Bloomingdales? Sounded pretty cranky to me.

Anonymous said...

now that's a revealing symptom!

I told you Bloomberg is really
a Marie Antoinette drag queen
(or, perhaps, even a trans sexual).

Maybe he's got PMS this week!

That might account for
his general "bitchiness".

Hey wadda ya say...your "honoress"?

CJ said...

Perhaps a title change is in order.

From Your Honor to Your Ornery