Saturday, May 3, 2008

Focus on the mosaic and ignore the crap

Johnny Liu took a NY Times reporter on a tour of Flushing, they sampled the delicacies and raved over the religious institutions, but for some reason, neither of them mentioned the obvious crap all over the place.

The Melting Pot on a High Boil in Flushing


Anonymous said...

Queens is fast becomeing an urban nightmare and Flushing is the poster child for whats in store for the rest of the borough.

That is something obvious to anyone that walks through that slum (yes, Main St is a slum, John, no matter what spin you put on it)

The problem is how the newpapers have cravenly become simply an organ of the state propoganda, rather then reporting things as they are.

This is sad.

This is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Copies of this are sent to other parts of the world encouraging more people from those parts to immigrate to Flushing - you are welcome dear tweeded!

Anonymous said...

Bring back urban renewal. Its sad to say that if you want development, pretty much the entire downtown area of Flushing should be flattened.

Anonymous said...

It is a photo finish as the the uglist blocks in NYC - Queens Blvd at Broadway, or Union Street at Northern Boulevard.

Both homes to the tweeded. Both areas that get a steady drumbeat of positive press (no, you silly fool, not a place to live or shop - that is if like most of us you don't eat mystery meat - but as a place to INVEST!)

Next on the list - Dutch Kills which as we speak are getting tweeded barracks by the dozen!

Anonymous said...

Downtown Flushing has become such a slum. I remember my parents would take us shopping(early 80's) and it was such a pleasure.
Gertz, Alexander's, was such a nice shopping spot. What a shame.....

Eric Arthur Blair said...

If America really is a melting pot, Flushing seems one place where it’s on a high boil.

Mr. Liu agreed. “You could say that we’re kind of like the crusty concentrate at the bottom of that pot,” he said with a smile.

Those are Senor Liu's own words, not mine, directly from Pravda...uh I mean The NY Times article.

When the New Regime takes over, and you're blindfolded standing against the wall with a cigarette in your mouth, and our new multicultural overlords scream: "FIRE!!!!", never forget:


Anonymous said...

Another idot liberial sandal wearing, bean sprut, and pink beerry jerk, reporting how pechey flushing has become alonfside liu, sheeping in his chit , and all the while soundred by buildings that hav made liu and his cronies money that untaxed and buired so where. hey blind reporter,, while looking at theat temple , why not look around the corner on what was once a walkable street called cherry, and report its destruction and so called rebiulding , by god know who and with lawless regaurd and dirty money, like blood money!BIGH. PEACE OUT~!

Anonymous said...

Equally as disturbing is the garbage,dirty sidewalks and disgusting gutters. Over-development ruins communiites and Flushing, is a perfect example. It is one of the ugliest parts of the borough.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The New York Times is not likely to point out the downside of Flushing,
considering that their printing plant
(which is contaminating the ground water with pollutants and toxic waste)is located about a mile away!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it an Asian New York Times
reporter (Jane Lli ?)
that crucified former Councilwoman
Julia Harrison as an alleged bigot,
by deliberately taking a few of her comments out of context.

Nevertheless, C.M. Harrison
was re-elected with, I believe,
65% of the vote!

The NYT is on a mission
to stuff the Flushing melting wok with thousands of people it can't support with its current infrastructure.

No the third world people are used to living cheek
to jowel in urban squalor!